Rated 5 out of 5 by Rotron74 from Great product! Daisy-chain those with a jumper cable, and build out as needed I envision these in the sometimes unused space beneath a patchbay, perhaps. Even bypassed the USB hub and went straight to the tower. I finally had my one f’n fader. Great to have a real fader again, no more mouse mixing! Working with AlphaTrack is really fun, intuitive, simple, and effective.

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Support for more applications will be added regularly. However, given the litigious nature of society these days, I must warn you to backup first and I can take no responsibility if it doesn’t work right for you, etc. It worked exactly as described for me.

I finally had my one f’n fader. Tue Sep 09, Don’t skip the csrutil bit like I tried tothat bit’s important Frotier Alphatrack lives on! That worked yesterday, but not today.

AlphaTrack is a alhpatrack of Frontier Design Group. It wasn’t very sleek, it required a wall wart, the name wasn’t that cool, there wasn’t a display to indicate which track or parameter was selected, and the buttons were kind of hard to push.

Frontier Design Group

Use the Kext Utility app to install the kext file so that the system will load it properly. Single fader control surface, optimized for fast Alphatracm mixing and editing in a small footprint frontiwr touch-sensitive, high-resolution true bit positions motorized fader Three touch-sensitive encoders. On reboot, the AlphaTrack should work. Sun Jun 22, 7: The unit connects to a computer via a single USB cable, through which the controller also receives its power.


Even bypassed the USB hub and went straight to the tower. Just updated to AlphaTrack control surface Reviewed by Allen Farmelo.

Frontier Design Alphatrack Motorized Mix Controller

AlphaTrack also has three touch-sensitive encoders, a feature previously found only on high-end gear costing thousands of dollars. Wed Nov 19, AlphaTrack lets you work more productively and creatively without giving up a lot of desktop space. Drop that in next to the master fader, and have a DAW-integrated fader right in your board. Wed Mar 23, 7: But just now, after the update, I used the stuff from the link above.

Logic Pro Help

Frontier Design AlphaTrack reviews. Apple Mac OS X Alphatrack appears in the setup menu, but since it’s not even recognized in the AudioMidi setup, nothing works. It all sounds good on paper, but plenty of hardware controllers have struggled in the past because of lacklustre support from software manufacturers.

Keep in alphatrcak, this is dependent on also having the bit compatible control surface bundle for Logic: A number of years back, I was tracking a record in a room with a fader Digidesign ProControl and then migrated to a situation with only a keyboard and a mouse. These let you adjust track and plug-in parameters while the character backlit display shows detailed feedback in response to your touch. This operates slightly differently from application to application, but the basic gist is that you can jog and shuttle using one finger or two.


The character backlit display shows info about what you’re doing with the encoders, and it’s a huge advantage because there are so many parameters available for control, and most can be swapped with the fader, too. Mon May 08, 5: Tap either end of the strip to hop from marker to marker, and, finally, combine with the Shift key for audible fronrier.

It has all the necessary files for AlphaTrack and shows where to copy them.