Therefore, you do not need to reset the jumpers unless you require special adjustments as any of the following cases: When completed, new code takes effect. If You Forget Password: There are no user reviews. You set this value to No to free up an IRQ. This item allows you to set the CPU over-clocking frequency. If it is set to Min Saving, powersaving modes occur after a longer timeout.

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Note that there are kinds of CPU fan connectors.

You cannot make changes to these fields. Pin 1 to the left: Pin 1 on the bottom: The following list will help you to identify jumpers, slots, and connectors along with their assigned functions: If this item is set aaudio Max Saving, power-saving modes occur after a short timeout.

Steps described herein will lead you to a quick and correct installation of your system.

Shuttle AV49P/N Audio Driver – New – Win 98/ME//XP

Connect IDE cable and FDD cable on the back panel of the internal peripheral devices to the corresponding headers on board. The time is converted based on the hour military-time clock. Please notice all the LED connectors are directional.

These default values are not very demanding and they should allow your system to function with most aurio of hardware and memory chips. OnBoard IR Port Use this item to enable or disable the onboard infrared port, and to assign a port address.


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Note that if you are running a Windows OS, this items are automatically updated whenever you make changes to the Windows Date. If the AutoRun screen does not appear, double click or run D: The combination shown as follows. You don’t need to enable this item unless you have a legacy diskette drive with k capacity. Features Setup These items set some of the the parameters for peripheral devices connected to the system.

Shuttle * Products * Mainboards * Socket A * AK39N * Info/FAQ * Realtek AP

Pin 1 could be located at any corner of each jumper, you just find the location with a white right angle which stands for pin 1. Carefully sudio the mainboard by its edges and adio touching its components. To short jumper pins, simply place a plastic mini jumpers over the desired pair of pins. This driver supports a When enabled, separate memory banks are set of odd and even addresses, and upcoming byte of memory is accessible while refreshing the current byte.

Note that the cable should be oriented with its colored stripe usually red or magenta connected to pin 1 both on the mainboard Av49; or FDD connector and on the device as well. Date of Month This item selects qudio alarm date. Please follow the steps as follows to finish CPU installation.

When putting the mainboard down, place it on top of its original packaging film, on an even surface, and components side up.

Shuttle AV49P/N Audio Driver

The Vinyl Audio Codec driver ensures that the sounds can be played within Windows and DOS as well which covers situations when booting up the PC and a components is not installed correctly which should generate a tone to indicate a system problem. Driving Use this item to signal driving current on AGP cards to auto aucio manual.


This publication, including all photos, illustrations, and software, is protected under international copyright laws, with all rights reserved. These default values are quite demanding and your system might not function properly if you are using slower memory chips or other low-performance components.

B9 foxconn Line-Out Port Connector Line-Out is a stereo output port through which the combined signal of all internal and external audio sources on the board is output.

Report new version Working download URL, if you have any: Therefore, you do not need to reset the jumpers unless you require special adjustments as any of the following cases: Set the required jumpers on each device according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

The Main Menu allows you to select from several setup functions and exit choices.

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