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Blog Ll Sviridenko: the most Important thing in children’s portrait – children sincerity, spontaneity and ease


fThe most important thing in children’s portrait – children sincerity, spontaneity and ease

Photography was always my hobby, but at a certain stage of my life, it became for me something more…

I myself was born in Odessa, at age 18 he moved to the capital and entered the Kiev national economic University, the faculty of management of organizations. Being in my second year I received the gift of my first professional camera and fell in love with this the shutter sound, even then I realized that for me photography is about art and not just a hobby, that want something more. With its decision decided not to delay – after knew I gave birth to a daughter and immediately went to the Institute of postgraduate education of Kyiv national University of technologies and design faculty ART PHOTOGRAPHY. After the birth of my beautiful daughter, I am like most moms, month after month has become to capture every smile, grimace, every step, every memorable moment of their toddler. Then started to remove the other children, and with each shot, with each babe I just fell in love with this carefree, unique children’s world, in these fragile children’s images, sincere expressions of joy, surprise, delight, laughter…

I with daughter Anna (4 years)

Many people say that shooting children is a difficult process, because little children are not always stealing, you need to simultaneously catch the kid, build the frame to monitor the camera settings and set parameters for me – this activity can be better and more interesting which I can’t yet imagine, this is something special, it’s your little world, that allows me to plunge into childhood, into the world of bright colors, bright smiles, carefree.

Removing children, not necessarily to look for unusual places, unique backgrounds, Royal costumes, interior design, which are absolutely not suitable for children. Normal daily life simple and natural environment will help better convey the open emotions of a child.

To remove most children love the outdoors. The reason is not even that the street lighting is better. The Park or the sea, forest or alley, street or Boulevard, schoolyard – the best places for photographing children. In nature or in the city the children feel in their element, they have a good mood, they are open and joyful. On the street you can shoot as a portrait when you can focus on the internal world of the child and genre picture where transferred to the child’s relationship to the surrounding world, the relationships of children to each other. I take my children with a maximum open aperture. This separates the child from the background and makes the pictures maximum light, air. Pictures taken in bright and Sunny weather, give a great charge of positive energy, cause pleasant feelings. The main thing is that the sun stood above his head, then it is difficult to get a good shot even with fill flash. Evening and morning sun gives a softer and warmer light than midday.

Shooting outdoors is very important background, which really affect the picture. To convey emotions, to focus on the child, his inner world, I choose not to active the background. Simplicity is the main requirement for any baby picture. The abundance of unnecessary detail and extraneous matter not only decorates the photo, but also distracts attention from the main character of the child. Though few and elaborate props don’t hurt, and even simplifies the task: the presence in the frame of a favorite toy or pet, sometimes it helps a little model to forget about the camera and allows you to better disclose the nature of the baby.

Photography should be an interesting game for your child. Children don’t tend to sit long in one place, they are constantly moving, the light pattern is continuously changing. But that is no reason to lose patience. If things aren’t going too well, better stop and take a breath, but never to show your child his grief, and even more frustration. Children need to shoot in different ways, depending on the specific situation. I try to avoid photographs with the children, however, have no emotions. Picture neutral, frozen, a busy person is not entirely successful. There is great confusion about children’s emotions in photos. Many believe that the child should always smile in the picture. But man there is a rich range of feelings, emotions, feelings: and it’s not only laughter, joy, delight, and sadness, anger… the baby is too small and simple game, in my opinion, you need to respect that and take not only positive emotions, especially if you look closely, those little rascals can be cute even when doing the Skoda and funny when you get mad.

Need to help the child to relax and be yourself – talk to him, make jokes, joke – in other words, becoming child.

A child by nature is very sensitive. He feels the mood, the mood and the attitude of other people to yourself. On this while shooting I try to be level with him, be his first friend that he could trust me to open up. Photographing the child is better when it is set to this, when he’s in a good mood, if I have no need to create it: to invent a game, donate a toy to send to walk, to run with him or even just talk about the fact that it is important that the baby was able to be himself on the set. Happy state of the soul will not replace a formal smile. You cannot order child smile, to show him what will make him a real interest.

The most important thing in children’s portrait – children sincerity, spontaneity and ease. Let them be themselves.