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The boy’s Upbringing in the family


Material description: Social role of the man as head of the family, is significantly different from the social role of women as homemakers. Therefore, the education of boys is different from raising little princesses. This opinion and psychologists. And you probably thought about it. What are the features of education young men?

The boy’s upbringing in the family

First, about the child’s upbringing. When can I start raising the child?

The great pedagogue A. S. Makarenko also asked the same question. And how do you think answered this question? Answered almost everything, but in different ways. Some said a month and some weeks. Listened carefully to the answer A. S. Makarenko and said, “You’re already late”. We need education to begin when the child is not born yet.

And need to be educated properly as raising a child, the younger generation could then educate other future students. You know, now that plan is sent to reform in secondary schools, all the people, all secondary schools, institutions and businesses.

The most important role here is played by the family and school. The initial, and most importantly the proper education a child receives in the family. And here the main role is played by the father and mother of the child. But is it? Who has more influence? Who mainly cares about doing. The answer is one. Basically they are swearing.

You gave birth and you have to educate. My concern is to earn money and bring the family. Now think and do some fathers.

In many families, fathers away from all parental responsibilities.

Here is one example. The father draws to the son of attention “it is Enough that bring money into the family, is categorically stated he – besides the trip …”. The boy grew up in a female environment. He loved them, all helped. But living smart the boy was closely among the dolls, patterns, embroideries. So on the street and at school unspent energy pushing him to the most desperate acts, sometimes risky and reckless. Hence all the trouble.

In such families children, especially boys, to wander the streets. Parents just sneaked away from the education of their children. Don’t know where their sons disappear until late at night, who are found. And at night they steal. And we have had such cases, when the parents were not interested in children, not interested in modes with day students.

In these families there is no proper upbringing. They do other things. They show bad habits to children. Here are some of the survey one of the schools of Tatarstan.

“In our family of seven people. Live together. And the mother and father help me to learn. They never argue. Dad is generally a very kind person, angry with me are very rare. Mom stricter. Let the rigor needed, otherwise will razboltalsya”.

So characterize their loved ones children. You may have noticed, they understand and are able to forgive the shortcomings of the father and mother. And I must say, the response of children from affluent families are similar. But from dysfunctional… “I am the oldest child, studying in the fifth grade, father and mother not only did not help me to prepare for lessons, but don’t even ask how I learn. Turn to him with a question, they say: «We have not been taught didn’t help, but grew up with the Joneses”.

And here’s another “other fathers drink, and I – mother. From work she was fired. And then they were together for a drink. Drink and begin to argue, swear, in the end, it comes to a fight, I’m embarrassed for them, the school does not want to go”.

Seeing and hearing all these children, teenagers begin to drink alcohol, leave home, leave school and behave as led before their parents. And do not need to prevent all of this. Education should be conducted from two sides together.

In the boy’s upbringing plays a major role father. I wish that fathers feel responsible for the fate of their children and became friends with his sons.

It was encouraging to see dads with boys helped arrange the cabinets, as seen in the lobby of the invited veterans of war and labor, as analyzed in a vacant lot Playground.

Good male influence at home, at school – great work! Any remarkable progress in the education of children achieved if women’s love and kindness combined with male hardness, if near the sons were always fathers.

It is worth remembering the words of V. A. Sukhomlinsky ’s How I want the work that his father was a strong personality, strong, able to be responsible. If every father knew and understood what a huge role and the need for it is a child, as he wants to be near a courageous wise man”.

If it’s always been! And that’s quite often face the facts, when men, under various pretexts seek to evade the education of their children. Cite a lack of time. Because spiritual closeness with a child does not mean the need to deal only with them. This relationship of father and son, their heartfelt friendship has no power to destroy neither the time nor the distance.

That’s what is most important in his father’s upbringing, spiritual kinship, common goals, views and beliefs. It’s worth thinking about those parents who every day see their sons. Unfortunately, a father’s influence is not enough in the family and in schools mainly of women. I say “sorry” not because, of course, want to infringe on the dignity of my work colleagues. On the contrary, think it is not fair that the brunt of pedagogical work falls on women’s shoulders. Well, the teacher of physical culture man, but still two or three men of different subjects, then there is someone to lead the technical creativity and camping trip. However, not all school teams so lucky. And the boys a lot of plans and proposals that it would be better to share with a man. Boys are drawn to male teachers, feel with them freer, more relaxed, can talk about Boxing and football, about the brands of cars, tape recorders, about the profession of pilot and geologist, marine, and chauffeur.

That is the point: the man-the teacher must help our boys grow these citizens, good workers, and courageous defenders of the frontiers of the Motherland. This caregiver needs boys.

It is worth remembering the words of Maxim Gorky: “Children must educate the people who are, by nature, gravitate to this case, requiring a great love for kids, great patience and empathetic care to future builders of the new world. And among them, next to a woman, a mother and a teacher must be a man, father and teacher. The child needs a firm man’s word, a courageous example of dedication to work and commitment in the struggle, generosity to the weak and integrity in the fight against enemies, wit, breadth of vision, business acumen, and many other qualities, possessed, ideally, representatives of “the stronger sex”.

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