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The Role of the teacher in enriching the content of role-playing games of children of senior preschool age.


The table of contents.


Chapter 1. Features guide role-playing games, preschool children.

1.1. The value of role-playing games as a creative activity of children of preschool age

1.2. Psychological and pedagogical research on leadership role-playing games

1.3. Characteristics of role-playing games

1.4. The originality of the plot-role-playing games

1.5. Organization, methods and techniques of leadership role-playing games in the senior group of a kindergarten

1.6. Planning guide role-playing games

Chapter 2. Pretend play children preschool age and guidance of a tutor.

2.1. Analysis of the role of the educator in the organization and management of role-playing games children

2.2. Conclusion

2.3. A list of the sources used

2.4. App.


The game is one of the most vivid and bright memories of our childhood. Maybe this has direct pedagogical view role-playing game is presented as something natural, innate childhood and does not require any educational efforts. But let’s see what is a children’s role-playing game?

The game is the main activity preschooler, she has a multifaceted impact on the mental development of the child. Through play children acquire new skills and knowledge. Only in role – playing game, one learns the rules of human communication. Outside of the game cannot be achieved fully moral and strong-willed child development, out role-playing games there is no education of the individual.

That’s why even the most basic questions: why do children play, how the game affects the development of the child became the subject of serious scientific research in pedagogy and psychology.

The game is life itself, is a childlike, naive, sometimes cunning, sometimes surprising seriousness. For a child role – playing game is not always pretty fun, often is work. Overcoming yourself. In short, role-playing game is the whole world. And management of the children’s role-playing game is a serious problem for teachers. It was probably there from caregivers need the most attention, patience, tact, the ability to observe, ability to consistently and impartially to look at each child, the ability to love.

Leading the game, the teacher affects all aspects of child’s personality: in his mind, feelings, will, behavior, uses it for the purposes of the mental, moral, aesthetic and physical education.

Guided by the requirements of the “Program of education and training in kindergarten”, the teacher selects and plans the content that should be learned by children in games, clearly defines didactic games and tasks, actions and rules, the intended result. He designs the entire course of the game, without destroying its originality and Amateur nature. As proved by research psychologists and educators ( A. P. Usova, D. B. Elkonin, R. B. Zhukovskaya, mengeritsky, doctor of science D. V., T. A. Markova, etc.), the assimilation of the gaming activity takes place under the guidance of adults, with their direct participation. Some knowledge and experiences is not enough that children can independently transfer them into the game, original adult should help the child to apply their experience and knowledge in the game.

Routinely leading the games, the teacher examines each child, reveals Association of children folding game teams. He has the ability to evaluate the usefulness or harmfulness of various groups, to draw a conclusion about the necessity of certain influences on children.

The caregiver should be close to the children, a welcome party game. Using the content and rules of the games, your game role, he tactfully directs its course, the relationship of the players, not inhibiting their performances.

Study the theoretical and practical material on this topic, actualnotestag undeniable, identified the objectives of the study: to identify the tasks and techniques of leadership role-playing games, their reflection in the work plan, the role of the teacher in the organization and development of role-playing games.

The object of study: pretend play children.

Subject of research: methods and techniques of leadership role-playing games.

The hypothesis of the study . is that the use of a variety of methods and techniques in the organization and development of role-playing games of children of senior preschool age contributes to the enrichment of games, game action forms, abilities and interests of children.

Based on this, the tasks were set:

1. To study the psychological and pedagogical aspects of the problem guide the development of role-playing games.

2. To identify the tasks and techniques of leadership role-playing games, their reflection in the work plan of the caregiver.

3. To determine the role of the teacher in the organization and development of role-playing games, in enriching the knowledge of children of preschool age, in the formation of gaming skills.

The study used the following research methods .

– analysis of psycho-pedagogical and methodical literature.

– analysis of documentation.

pedagogical experiments (observation, interviews with caregiver, children.)

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