Methods of raising children
  Depending on the age of the child, his behavior and personality, parents can apply a variety of methods of education. The choice of parents used methods largely depends on…

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What this child will become when you grow up? — PSI-factor. Opinion
  We almost got used to the complete lack of a systematic approach in the management culture of our country. Theatres for considerable budgetary funds trying to exercise maximum ingenuity…

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Cubes, voicing the soul of the child


Any methodological imperfection, especially any methodological deviation from the natural physiology of the child, our children suffer corporal-motor, spiritual and mental underdevelopment, and often undermine a viable force.

Analyzing over two decades of teaching practice, come to a disappointing conclusion: the increase of pedagogical skill comes at the price of deep enslavement of moral, mental and physical potentials have entire generations of people, price of forever extinguished sparks of curiosity and samotarev.

By the end of the twentieth century, the situation becomes tragic epidemic. How can we be? Neither the art nor the talent of the teacher does not answer fundamental questions: what is the scientific basis for deriving the one or other technique. In the name of what she offers and what she carries for a comprehensive physical and mental development of the child? No talent, no art teacher replication are not subject. Any attempt to replicate them lead to “the killing” very methodical “soul” — creative improvisational freedom. Any methodology should be based on strict natural laws of child development. The development is a category, behind which are hidden deep internal processes of emancipation biogenetic species programmes, which were initially enslaved in the deep condition. And do we know anything about the laws, i.e., the science of liberation?

This question clearly meets one of the prominent specialists in the field of human  “Opening hidden in the child is not yet explored the creative forces will have a bigger impact than the discovery of unlocking the secrets of the atom”.

But if the science is not known to the laws of emancipation, then what is truly scientific basis rests the mass school? That’s it — well wishes! And no matter how often Academy of education named its methodological practice “developing”, to hide the consequences of their implementation, tragically affecting bodily and mental health of children and their intelligence, is becoming increasingly difficult.

As a researcher, armed with scientific tools and over 20 years of comprehensive and in-depth analyzing everything that happens to children in the school, wish to welcome the release of the improved version of the “Cubes Zaitsev”.

Based on personal experience, undoubted talent and great love for children, N. Zaitsev displays of pedagogical technology at the level of nature-oriented methodological perfection.

. The baby, making the first effort in pronouncing the nearest and dearest to him the words “Mama”, never utters separately m-a or m-a-m-a, then to connect them in mA-mA! Our research speech and graphical psychomotor revealed that the traditional verbal / phonetical principle of learning to read dismembers indivisible zvukovoy code on artificially structured phonemic “elementiki”. Found that this technique not only deeply imprisons speech psychomotor freedom, but forms of pathological acoustic speech units. Moreover, revealed that phoneme-element principle of learning to read initially introduces the child into a specific emotional and receptorow tension. It is one of the factors of formation of stress resistant redemoinho stereotype. And receptora tension in itself creates a situation of depletion of nerve energy potential, the situation of early mental and physical-motor disorders.

That is why we, as and N. Zaitsev is highly recommended everywhere to abandon the verbal and phonemic principle for mastering reading how technology, imprisons the child and has an adverse effect on psychomotor development and health.

In General, skladbou the principle of learning to read with the help of a sounding dice N. Zaitsev adequate neurophysiological freedom, freedom in which the child, as an aspiring musician, on his own initiative, leads the creative search of the right sounds-music, remove them through your own efforts, hears himself, he corrects himself. Sounding cubes Zaitseva is a kind of musical instrument with which the child can develop loveforlife creativity.

Undoubted advantage of the new method of learning to read is the fact that she can live an independent life, and combined with a diverse and established methodological techniques.

In particular, it undoubtedly increases the effectiveness of our proposed techniques for teaching reading using running in the space of syllables and whole sentences (V. B. Bazaar, 1981-1991). Moreover, the combination of these techniques will certainly enhance the capabilities of each.

Parents and teachers, for the first time met with “Cubes”, we would recommend and other benefits Nikolai Alexandrovich: in mathematics, the production of handwriting, Russian and English.

The undoubted achievement of the author is a sensitive approach to such seemingly purely verbal process as a mathematical study. The proposed method is, again, deeply environmentally friendly, because carries a figurative dimension. And again extends the capabilities of the technology that we the children mastering math spatial reasoning using the touch matrix mathematical notation (VF Bazaar, Yu. Konovalov. Patent No. 342 12. 08. 93).

Some of the teachers do not know that the most time-consuming bearing the greatest psychomotor, emotional-volitional (ergonomically) the load of the learning process is the acquisition of motor freedom of writing!

We comprehensively studied neuroergonomics aspects of mastering children freedom graphic letters. Proposed phasing techniques of bodily performances and visual-manual coordination. Designed artistically-shaped environmentally friendly recipe, conformable endogenous rhythms of the child. More detail with them, the reader will meet in a special edition: “the Emancipation of spiritual and mental capacities of the child by means of artistically-shaped environmentally “clean” formulations” (Sergiev Posad, 1996).

Teaching methods of writing, the recommended N. A. Zaitsev based on vast personal experience, deserve all the attention, and will undoubtedly enhance any technology on the acquisition of graphic skills.

And yet, most important, a particular advantage of the method N. A. Zaitseva is that it is designed by one of the most prominent Russian experts in the Russian language. Deserve deep respect for the correctness and skill shown by the author when dealing with the Russian word. That’s why for me, as a specialist in the feelings of the child, the main essence of the technique is not only and not so much in spoken cubes Zaitseva. The dice just one manifestation of its methodological complexity. The main thing for me in a technique Zaitseva — echoing pure Russian word, which the author skillfully voiced and ennobles the soul of the child.

Brilliantly, Maestro hares! You perfectly perform their creative work!

And therefore, I sincerely wish you (and willing to contribute to this), to have Your benefits reach every child, to every preschool, before each school of the Russian Federation! They are one of the foundations of healing and of raising the intellectual potential of our people, for years suffering from pseudo-scientific pedagogical experiments.