The Development of thinking in a child under 3 years
  Thinking is the process of formation of representations about the world on the basis of accumulation and analysis of personal experience and also the ability on the basis of…

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Correction Problem of the psyche of children who have experienced parental divorce
Chapter I. Theoretical foundations of the problem of correction of the psyche of children, divorce of parents 1.1. The influence of psychological climate of the family on the formation of…

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The Education of cats


Cats do just as they please and do what I want. Sometimes the education of the cats takes a lot of strength and patience from their owners. But, there are several psychological techniques that will help You in raising cats.

Education cats:

The educating pet – this correction of his behavior. In order for the cat behaved as You want, you need to convince her that she wants herself. And all changes of behavior caused her only desire. This method in the education of the most effective and appropriate in relation to the animal.

The sooner You start to raise a cat, the faster You will achieve the desired effect. To educate the animal much easier than to re-educate from the already formed character. However, if You still have to re-educate a cat, you need to follow a few tips that will help You reach your goal.

Education cat from childhood:

The correct behavior of the adult animal – it is the result of hard work with the nature of the kitten. After all, what was the cat in childhood, so he will remain in adulthood. Therefore, how could You not feel sorry for the kitten, never allow him to do what did not want to do an adult cat.

Many causes tenderness when the kitten tries to climb to his feet, clinging clothes. But imagine that over time, so should an adult animal. It is very painful and unpleasant. Therefore, it is necessary to think in advance what behaviors are acceptable to You.

Stop all encroachments kitten to treat You like a toy. Never allow him to behave badly (digging the earth in the pots, begging food, climbing on the table, scratching furniture).

While the animal is small to modify behavior will be enough even with a strict tone. So You can stop it simply “No!”, “Impossible!”. In adulthood, the cat will react to these words.

The prohibitions apply not only to the animal but also on the child. Clearly explain to him that the kitten is not a toy and with care to appeal, or he may attack you in response. And then this kind of behaviour will become habitual and You will get an aggressive adult.

We’ll be firm in teaching the kitten to the scratching post and the tray, then the animal will quickly learn what you want from it. Kittens are more easily amenable to taming. Their character is more soft and flexible, so it is important to seize the moment.

As it is unnecessary to raise a cat:

Never hit an animal, it is much smaller and weaker than You. Especially with such a method of discipline You will not achieve any results, will only cause aggression. The cat won’t understand why You beat him, only nursed a grudge and in the future will avenge You.

It is impossible that the cat understood what You hinder him to do their “work”. Otherwise, he could stop doing this with You, but when You are not near, he would do what he wanted.

Methods of education cats:

Intonation. This method is good for raising kittens with older cats it is not effective. Therefore, the screams, the pleas, the beating will not help You to reason with an adult animal. How in that case to educate cat?

Create cat the conditions under which her previous antics will she just not pleasant. And encourage changes in her behavior. If Your cat sharpening his claws on the furniture, buy her a scratching post and gently trim nails. Then RUB Catnip scratching post, and former seat seal double sided adhesive tape.

From the options, most likely the cat will choose a scratching post, because it smells good and it is convenient to sharpen claws. However, if the cat doesn’t stop to sharpen the claws in the wrong places, at the first attack on the furniture make a loud sound. The main thing that the cat didn’t know that the sound comes from You. She will think that it makes the furniture.

In order to wean the cat jump on the table, put a few empty tin cans which at the slightest movement will fall. Rumble definitely scare the animal.

If the cat digs in the trash and constantly turns it over, just put the jar in a bucket of water. Turning over a bucket of puss, pour yourself. But if this happens several times, it will discourage the animal’s desire to try to climb into the bucket.

Cats never do anything out of spite, they do not think so. The cat just comes as it is convenient. Proper upbringing does not require to break down the nature of the animal, it is not even possible. It is imperative that the cat understood that otherwise she too will be well.

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