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Parents about traffic rules


Dear parents!

According to official statistics, only in Petrozavodsk under the wheels of cars gets up to 70 children a year. Do whatever is necessary to in Your family don’t trouble came. It is known that people absorb the norms of behaviour in the first years of life. His life lessons and the lessons parents are the Foundation on which the child will build his entire life.

Timely teach children the ability to understand the traffic situation, bring up the need to be disciplined on the street, careful and cautious! Remember, breaking the rules of the road, as you would clearly be allowed to violate them on to their children.

Being with a child on the street, it is useful to explain to him everything that happens on the road with vehicles and pedestrians. For example, why at the moment it is impossible to cross the road, which in this case there are rules for pedestrians and drivers, what do the road signs and what they indicate on violators, noting that these people are at risk to fall under the wheels of cars.

Teach your children:

Cross the street only at a prescribed place (on the green light, in the crosswalk, intersection) do Not rush to cross the road Cross the road only when the review nothing prevents Cross the road, making sure Not to cross the road in front of close going car

Observe traffic Rules and teach your children!

Recommendations for parents.

How to teach your child not to fall into the typical “road traps”.

• The main danger – standing machine!

Standing machine is dangerous: it can close a different car that is moving at high speed, preventing the time to notice the danger. It is impossible to go on the road because of parked cars. In the extreme case, you need to carefully peek out from behind the vehicle, to make sure that danger, and only then cross the road.

• Not standing around the bus, neither the front nor the back!

Standing bus closes itself a section of the highway that in the moment when you decide to go, can drive a car. In addition, people usually about a stop in a hurry and forget about security. From the stop we must move towards the nearest pedestrian crossing.

• Learn how to anticipate hidden hazards!

The right car, house, fence, bushes, etc. may suddenly leave the machine. For crossing the road you need to choose a place where the road is visible in both directions. In a pinch, you carefully look because of the interference, to ensure that there is no danger, and only then cross the road.

When he reached the centerline and offer, children usually only monitor the machines, moving from the right side, and forget about the cars passing behind them. Frightened, the child can take a step back – right under the wheels of a car. If I had to stop in the middle of the road, you have to be extremely careful not to make any movement, not ensuring security.

• On the street hold the child’s hand!

Being with adults, the child relies on him and either not watching the road or watching bad. Adult this does not take into account. On the street the kids are distracted by all sorts of objects, sounds, not noticing the car, and thinking that the way is clear, out of adult hands and running across the road. Near the crossing the road you must hold fast to the child by the hand.

• The arch and out of the yards of a place of hidden danger!

In large cities the risk are arches, through which from the yards of the roadway leave the car. Do not let the child ran through the arch ahead of the adult: it is necessary to hold hands.

Remember! The child learns the laws of the street, taking the example of you, the parents, other adults. Let Your example teaches discipline on the street is not only Your child but also other children. Cross the road, observing the rules of the road.

Advice to parents.

Dad! Dad! Don’t forget,

Me to a chair to fasten!

How often have the following picture: in the morning, mom and dad deliver their precious little ones in kindergarten. The kid proudly based in the front seat of the car, next to a happy father, and none of them is buckled up! Mothers in this issue a more “responsible”, they don’t forget to strap yourself to the seat belt and the baby will attach to the rear seat. The child is granted in the road itself. In the best case close to the child in the back seat sits a grown man.

Parents, the lives of the children you are not a road? Buying a car, motorists tend to pay the security issue much attention: the braking system, seatbelts, airbags, etc. In an emergency situation adults have the chance to stay alive. And children, when confronted, fly like a “cork out of the bottle”. Remember that the strike lasts a tenth of a second, overwhelmed by accident increase the body weight dozens of times. Even if the child holds an adult, his hands will not be able to develop a force of hundreds of kilograms. And if an adult in a collision and not wearing a seat belt, the tremendous overload fling forward and its. And he just flatten a child.

Guarantee the safety of our children is only one special car seat.

Unfortunately, the domestic manufacturers do not release car seats. And imported seats are not cheap. How to put a baby seat in the car? It depends on the age of the child. Babies up to one year must go, and reclining against the move! To deploy a baby seat in the direction of motion is possible, when the child grows up so that his feet will rest against the backrest of the car seat. Typically, this occurs to two years.

Attention! In the operation of child seat strictly follow the instructions! Please check your questions with the sellers of the store, because at stake is the life of a child!

The safest place in the car behind the driver. Experts advise: to transport small passenger there, and if the adult holds the child on hands, we recommend to sit sideways on the seat, backs to the door. Baby hold on your lap with the legs forward.

Remember that paragraph 22.8 of the Rules of the road States that it is forbidden to carry children up to 12 years old in the back seat of a motorcycle, and in the front seat of a car in the absence of special restraint.

Take care of safety of young passengers! Good luck on the road!

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