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Correction Problem of the psyche of children who have experienced parental divorce

Chapter I. Theoretical foundations of the problem of correction of the psyche of children, divorce of parents

1.1. The influence of psychological climate of the family on the formation of the psyche of children (before the divorce, during the divorce and after it)

1.2.The specificity of mental manifestations in children in conditions deprivation (due to divorce of parents)

Chapter II. Social work with children of divorced parents in modern Russia.

2.1. Children in families of divorced parents as an object of social work

2.2. Ways to improve social work with children in families of divorced parents




In modern conditions of social and economic development of society, the family, in the traditional sense, continues to lose its importance, significance, weakening of family ties in our country.

In “children of Russia” (Moscow 1999) noted that the statistics of one day fixes a large number of divorces, which reaches almost half of the registered facts, namely: married – 3616, divorced – 1534. As a result without one of the parents remains 1288 children, is transmitted to the orphanage – 30, guardianship and adoption – 132, is taken away from the parents as not providing normal education – 32, runs away from home – 237, become on the account in inspection on Affairs of minors – 952, delivered to the bodies of internal Affairs – 1463, committed various crimes – 476, is condemned by the people’s court – 235, attempt the life or commit murder – 2, commit rape – 7. Among this group of children is most often a diagnosis of alcoholism, drug addiction, trying to commit suicide.

From the foregoing it is evident that the problem chosen for research is certainly relevant and helped to formulate the topic of our research searching “Divorce and its impact on children.”

Typically, the divorce of parents is a psychological trauma for children of any age. “The experiences of childhood leave a mark for life. Childhood experiences affect the rest of the way, for all further work of man, though often they remain in the unconscious. People may forget about them, but they are beyond his control, often determine his actions,” wrote N. To. Krupskaya.

The object of study is the process of formation of the psyche of children in single-parent family, i.e. after the divorce.

The subjects of research are the psychological and pedagogical conditions under which most effectively done the moral correction of the psyche.

Even the link the death of a parent with the emergence of mental disorders in the child not as pronounced as in those cases, when losing a parent in the decay of the family.

The purpose of the study was to explore the psyche of children, divorce of parents, and to outline ways and means of moral correction.

Objectives of the study:

to give theoretical analysis of scientific sources on the problem under study;

– identify the role and function of family in the formation of the psyche of children;

– to study the peculiarities of the psyche of children, divorce of parents and to plan the program of its moral correction with subsequent implementation;

-to consider the position of children in families of divorced parents;

– to explore ways of improving social work with children in families of divorced parents.

Course work consists of introduction, two chapters, conclusion and literature.

In this work we used the works of such authors as Savinov, L. I. Kuznetsova E. V. Schneider L. B. Posysoeva N. N. etc.

1.1. The influence of psychological climate of the family on the formation of the psyche of children (before the divorce, during the divorce and after it.)

The nuclear family (a small social group) of the company, the most important form of organization of life based on the marital Union and family relations, i.e. relations between husband and wife, parents and children, siblings and other relatives living together and leading a common household.

The education and development of preschool children.
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