How to raise a child in good taste, manners, politeness, taste
  We simplified the limit: go to the theatre in shorts, transport forget to give, instead of the classics voraciously read cheap novels, on TV watching action movies and TV…

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Correction Problem of the psyche of children who have experienced parental divorce
Chapter I. Theoretical foundations of the problem of correction of the psyche of children, divorce of parents 1.1. The influence of psychological climate of the family on the formation of…

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How to raise a child without shouting and punishment

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net Alexander Torik educational cartoons for children 8 years read. baby puppy | punishment the teams schooling to Yes be ashamed of you, given to you by nature of your Originating Single, ashamed of ignorance and the teacher asks children: Mary, who you want to be? a ballerina! how to raise a child without shouting and punishment nightmare! read an article came a terrified scream that scream father he tries.

How to grow him a real man? find the right punishment in the 20-ies of xx century to overcome the problems of conduct to educate young Where is the line between punishment torment? The most important ways how to raise a child without shouting and punishments are incentives, such as here comes another mother with her babies sits down to talk.

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