Divorce and children. The advice of a psychologist: how to mitigate the situation for the child
  For any family member divorce – this is a big stress, which is the hardest outlive the children. Psychological help in this situation is necessary not only to alleviate…

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Club for kids
  The term “early development” is probably familiar to anyone who has at least some relationship to pedagogy. Many parents begin to deal with a toddler at home, but not…

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As the father of the son of mind taught


There lived one man, kind and intelligent. All he knew the measure was not stingy but frugal; with good people lived in harmony. Was his only son.

This young man nothing was like his father. To work not like and the house was not sitting. Once a week you take a look, and okay! And then with all my mi friends, the same as himself, the lazy, the time spent: with them, sometimes, and eat and drink, and they sleep.

It was a shame to the father that the son he has such a useless freak. Once or twice he chided him, and then called and said:

— Friendship is the dearest thing on earth. But you need to be friends with only those who are worthy of friendship. How well do you know your friends, son?

— How not to know, father? I, like yourself, I hope. They me not in sorrow or in joy will not leave.

— Well, if so,— says the father shows me to worry about.

As time went on. Father worked still, and her son had walked and carousing. One day he came home late at night, and my father sat silent, sullen.

— Something bad happened, father? asked the young man:

Evil happened, my son. and not from anyone I help.

— Tell me, maybe I can help!

— Say or not say — my grief will remain with me.

— Am I not a son to you? — broke out the young man.

— You’re my son, but I was destined to die, and a better one I will die.

— Your trouble is my trouble, ‘ said the son. — And your grief as my own. Share with me your worries, dad.

— This grief, son, we don’t do this alone.

— You forget about my friends!— the young man exclaimed.

— I have not forgotten. Only whether they can trust you, son?

My friends to me my life will not regret.

— Then look, son-what lies beneath our bed.

Bent over the young man and saw under a bed rug on the rug and something covered with a black cloak. Pale young man.

— I accidentally killed a man, said

father. — Tonight we need to smuggle his body and bury the. The two of us with you till dawn does not manage. Call friends, share with them our troubles. Let them help.

Went the son of the most beloved and faithful to his friend.

— What can I do to help in such a dangerous business? said that, having listened to him. For your sake I will be silent, will not give, but let your father gets himself out of trouble.

Went the young man to the second faithful and beloved friend.

— It’s dangerous! — said the other. No, it can’t be me mate! And I wish you to me with such a request would not come.

Rejected the young man and the third friend, and fourth, and fifth. And these were his very best friends! He returned to the father with her head hung low.

How is it, son?— the father asked.— Why are you alone?

The son was silent.

— Your friends away? Try it now get my.— And the father showed him those who to turn to for help.

No sooner had the young man to return home, as appeared one after the other greybeards friends father.

— Do not grieve so, don’t be so hard on yourself, I bet you they are the master of the house when I heard what happened to him misfortune. It’s not your fault. You killed the man by accident. We could help you out of trouble!

— Hey, son,— said the father.— My friends agreed to help me. Get the cloak from under the bed!

Son with fear pulled the rug, threw

the burka, and they saw that under the burka was hidden roasted lamb, fresh pasta, honey, beer and foam.

Happy old people prank his friend, sighed with relief. But the son was so surprised that utter the words could not.

— This lamb yesterday fell off a cliff and hurt his leg. I cut, comes up accidentally. You, my good friends, deserved this little snack. Please enjoy!— invited the owner, and told his old comrades, as easily retreated from the son of his faithful, beloved friends.

However, his father’s science anything the boy was never taught. Still he spent time in carousing and was friends with the fellows, unworthy of friendship. And now it’s time father die. He called to his son and gave him his last instructions.

You’re your own boss,— he said. You never listened to me in life, won’t hear, probably and in my hour of death. So I’ll leave you only one thing: when will squander all that I’ll leave you, hang out on the hook set into the ceiling. I ordered it on purpose for you.

Said the old man, sighed and died.

Son to bury his father properly, nothing is spared to the Wake, but his words are not listened to, drinking and carousing, not sparing, sparing EXT – RA left by the father. Friends from at home. day and night did not go out.

But ran out, ran out of his father’s wealth, and started the friends of this young men one by one to leave. No one came to visit him, no one to his name. And the hut it looked, and the fence has rotted and the yard was overgrown with thorns and weeds. To marry the young man for the revelry and

the spree was too busy, he remained in poverty between four walls all alone. No matter where you look — up, down, on the sides if— range is empty!

And once was in the village celebration. The multitude came together, brought food stuff — who is rich, — partied all day.

“If I had that to refer to the feast, go I”— thought the young man. And then remembered about the only rooster that survived even in its ruined economy, cock and ran to catch it. But as luck would have it, out of nowhere, flew a kite and took his cock. Went the young man on holiday, though I was ashamed with empty hands. Friends brought him to scorn,

— Look!— pointed fingers they. — This parasite brought nothing!

— I had a cock, and I wanted him to bring,— the young man was justified, Yes kite swooped down and carried it away.

He invents!— bullied by friends.— Yeah was it you, cock?!

“Well, now come to me, the very last matter, talked about father,’ said the young man himself.— No I was not needed. Than to live like that, go hang myself”.

He returned home, he found the rope. But as soon as threw a rope to the hook and pulled and fell on the floor.

In the ceiling was fixed into the trunk, the lid was opened and from there to the head of the young man showered with gold coins.

Took the boy from his neck loop and wept bitterly.

Good my father. You was wise, and you after death took care of me, ne’er!

Brought the young man in the order of his father’s house and backyard, new fence put. A couple of bulls bought and the steel plow from the market brought, began the hard ground to plow.

Here he gathered in the field one day. Leaves the gate, and to meet his former friends. Learned: in the house of former prosperity, and again in the house.

— An amazing thing happened to me that night— they were told the boy. Rats gnawed a hole in my steel plow.

— Why are you surprised?— chorused friends.— Happen!

— Sometimes?— the young man asked.— What kite cock grabbed — no?!

And he drove former friends from the yard. Made friends with neighbors and began to work and to live, as all honest people live.

This we have not seen but heard!

Divorce and children. The advice of a psychologist: how to mitigate the situation for the child
  For any family member divorce – this is a big stress, which is the hardest outlive the children. Psychological help in this situation is necessary not only to alleviate…


Games for little kids, educational speech
  Game for the youngest children need to teach your baby to communicate. After all, a newborn baby only knows how to scream. When he grows up, his face can…

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