Five years ago Kotlas doctors, watching a television program about the harmful damage caused by computer games health, was indignant: "What kind of a whim. How they can talk…

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Cubes, voicing the soul of the child
  Any methodological imperfection, especially any methodological deviation from the natural physiology of the child, our children suffer corporal-motor, spiritual and mental underdevelopment, and often undermine a viable force. Analyzing…

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What this child will become when you grow up? — PSI-factor. Opinion


We almost got used to the complete lack of a systematic approach in the management culture of our country. Theatres for considerable budgetary funds trying to exercise maximum ingenuity in the matter of repertoire, offering the viewer a “salad” of classical pieces, torn to pieces and artificially re-stitched brilliant contemporary Directors, talented actors all available ways of trying to attract attention, shocking, but ultimately provoke in the viewer is not culture shock, and negative and irritation. The result is visible immediately, as if in a doctor’s surgery — all artificial climbing out badly tailored seams and does not want to become one.

Today the attention of the authorities to the culture, to the problem of upbringing of the younger generation, in fact depart on the second plan. And if authorities have long given up on the culture (today it is perceived familiar and common), the situation with education is, to say the least, fear. Mixed feelings not only engenders the formation of school programs, new textbooks, systems assessments and exams (though it does not add optimism!), but the lack of a systematic approach to the learning process. Where is the goal, where are we going, what do we want from our children? Why you need higher education, except as a way to “get” from the army for young men? Many alumni now working in the specialty?

How prestigious Russian academic degrees and not impaired? And such questions may be endless… So may withdraw from embracing the study population? Perhaps this should not be the primary concern? Needless to disturb the main body of processing products and information, head? Much nicer to deal with a happy person is not burdened with care, as will be attached to graduate school, how to get a higher education diploma to this or that position? Well, we got all the diplomas! Well. And then, each of you. Philosophers in PR, vets — in the tourist industry, musicians — in builders and Vice versa.

I’m sure, ministries and agencies should start to focus on creating the community that is shaping the education system through the prerequisite knowledge for a specific profession. A young man came to the factory, worked as an assistant, apprentice, took a look at the profession of interest. Liked it, fascinated — all, go study, get a higher education. And now we have what became illegal business on the part of teachers who provide tutoring services “lagging” students at an additional cost, their working hours, thereby impairing the quality of basic education.

Such professors are not interested in whether the plant or the holding of new professionals, for them the main thing is to ensure filling their own pockets. In the end, in the framework of this paradigm, in the country there is a number of “universities” and the same number of graduates of ignoramuses, who had taken over from their teachers most importantly, how to boil the pot in the workplace. It turns out, taught masters-Transporter, and received a master grafter. The few who are lucky to get a community of interest among business people, where you can learn the profession, but in practice it turns out exactly as I described, the complete lack of interest in the development of a technology, its improvement and the achievement of maximum effect. I am convinced that the core of the Ministry of education should pay attention to this issue, and each of us prepared to make a contribution to a new concept of education and training of our youth.

What this child will become when you grow up? Of course, this question is asked each father or mother. In dreams we imagine their child a successful businessman, scientist or athlete, outstanding musician or politician, in a word — the way only able to draw our imagination! But what to do when a rosy-cheeked kid grows up and turns into a rare bum. Immediately start searching for the perpetrators. Who is to blame? Kindergarten? Yes! School? Of course! Institution of higher education?

And, as a rule, with the parents of such minor to talk is very difficult. They just can’t understand how this could happen with their most talented and gifted child. Blaming the parents is possible, but useless, it’s too late now, the deed is done.

On the issue of education of children written a lot of diverse literature, but the theoretical smart tips and rules to apply in practice is extremely difficult, but there is information flow of aggression and hatred covers a large wave. What to do now, when all sides formed a huge amount of lies and negativity, when “cover up” the store is perceived as an innocent prank, and betrayal of a loved one is portrayed as quite normal? Undoubtedly, it is necessary to shift the attention from “global” problems at the internal family and then, quite distinctly, he will see that will not go away love, friendship, joy and happiness, which are very close with each of us.

I declare that parents need to think about how to surround your children with people for whom human and cultural values — not an empty phrase. The family should choose a certain strategy, namely, to surround your child with people in which he will be able to see and learn from the positive example. I’m talking about teachers, doctors, and other individuals that influence the formation of your child outside the family. As to what impact they will have on children, equally with your participation in his education and will become the main Foundation of the new identity throughout the life journey. Say for example, I don’t get in the celebrated children’s choir, it is unknown what would have been my fate.

The gambling atmosphere of creativity, competition in the best sense of the word, created the personality of the Manager, an outstanding musician and conductor, had a huge positive impact on all children, without exception, regardless of later profession. We were surrounded by talented and gifted people — outstanding musicians, composers, conductors and performers. This same strategy is adhered to Savva Morozov, creating their own Opera house, which opened to the world the names of Chaliapin and Rachmaninoff. He tried to surround artists, musicians and conductors wonderful people, outstanding artists, poets and thinkers. And it gave a brilliant result. I am convinced that in the current situation you just need to use this approach. It is necessary to pay great attention to how we choose a child care or school, in which environment he will get, pushing into the background the problem of availability and the prestige, where he will get first experience, how to learn to handle difficult situations and still maintain the moral principles.

I believe that we should very seriously think about the environment that shaped our younger generation, and I invite everyone to discuss and dialogue on this very important and significant problems, the formation of our new society on the principles of high culture, morality and charity.

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