When to teach children the culture of behavior at the table?
  We all come from childhood, and our behavior at the table is a reflection of the habits of the parents. Nothing creates a person, as a daily, regular activities.…

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The boy's Upbringing in the family
  Material description: Social role of the man as head of the family, is significantly different from the social role of women as homemakers. Therefore, the education of boys is…

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Prayer on the Board and love between husband and wife


Oh great and all-praiseworthy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian, superstrike Christ, our warm zastupnik and fast in sorrow the existent pomoschniche! Pray the Lord God taravati us the remission of all our sins, we, as agresion from our youth in the life of our deed, word, thought and all our mi chuvstva. In the outcome of our souls pomozi us sinners, to deliver me from perils from the air ordeal and eternal torment, Yes thy merciful intercession glorify the father and the Son and the Holy spirit now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Prayer two

O great Apostle, the Evangelist loud, Theologian graceful, cinewide ineffable revelations, devstvennice and the beloved supernice of Christ John! Accept us sinners, under thy powerful intercession resort ing. Seek from the all-merciful lover of Mankind, Christ our God, Who before feathering your His Blood for us, unworthy servants, izlel there, but will not remember our sins, but have mercy on us and do with us according to His mercy: grant us health do Shawnee and corporal, all the prosperity and abundance, instructing us obrisati aforesaid, to His glory, the Creator, the Savior and our God, by the death of the same vremennye of our life from the merciless tormentors on the air tion of the ordeal may he deliver us, and tacos Yes reach, thee sodimie and pokrywami, Gornji onago of Jerusalem, whose glory are you in the book of revelation behold, thou hast now endless joy naslajdatsia. Oh great John! Keep all the cities and countries khris Tyana, the temple servants and pleading Xia in it, from the smooth, guitarista, coward and on top, of fire and sword, the invasion of foreign invaders and civil strife; deliver us from all troubles and misfortunes and prayers from your vrati from us the righteous anger of God, and His mercy we seek, Yes, coupled with you be vouchsafed proslavljali in the unfading days most Holy name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit forevermore. Amen.

The third prayer

Oh great and incomprehensible God! Behold pleading with You, we offer you the light that John, whom Thou hast vouchsafed ineffable revelations, receive the petition, grant us the design of our petitions, for Your glory, especially make us spiritual perfection to delight, life is endless in Thy Heavenly Obi the teli! O heavenly father, thou hast created me whole o Lord, Almighty King! Kosnica through the grace of our hearts, Yes, restaure, thou wax, prayuda mortal before Thee, and spiritual thing will happen in Your honor and glory, and Thy Son, and Holy spirit. Amen.

Prayer Daniil Of Moscow

The Church of Christ boast high, hail Moscow Steno invincible, powers of the Russian Divine approval, o Holy Prince Daniel, to the rat of the relics of thy precause, diligently pray thee: look upon us, your memory carolers, warm spill your petition to Save all, that I will adopt the world our country, cities and towns and her abode this very good Yes will keep, piety and love in thy people spreading, malice, mezhdousobie and morals stamping out corruption; all the same we are all good to temporary stomach and eternal salvation, grant your prayers, that they may glorify the wondrous in His saints Christ our God forevermore. Amen.

Martyrs Adrian and Natalia

Wealth aizdevumi imputed hast faith saved treblaine, ostali paternal wickedness and the lords of the marching feet, the Divine gift of enriched art, adriana slavne; Christ of God, pray that our souls be saved.

Wife divine divinely wise words to heart putting, Hadrian, Martyr of Christ. To torment diligently sought art. With his wife receiving the crown.

Of the sacred two, o Holy Martyr of Christ Adrian and Natalia, blagenniy supresi and Dobley sufferers! Hear us praying for you with tears, and netpolice on us the whole Empire, and souls of our Holy bodies but left them, and pray to Christ God, have mercy on us and do with us according to His mercy, let not perish in gresik our. Her, o Holy Martyr! Take the voice of our prayer, and deliver us by your prayers from across the great, obiteljska, coward, flood, fire, hail, the sword, the invasion of the heathen, and internecine warfare, from sudden death and from all troubles, sorrows and diseases, Yes ever, your prayers and intercession ukreplyaem, we will glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, the Same are due all glory, honor and worship, with His beginningless father and Holy Spirit, forever and ever. Amen.

About schaste marriage


Thy Nativity, o virgin Theotokos, joy to erect to all: from You Bo shone forth the Sun of righteousness, Christ our God, and destroying the oath, gave the blessing, and having abolished death, gifts us the eternal life.

Joachim and Anna vilification of beschta, and Adam and eve from aphids smertnye of svoboditsa, pure, Holy Christmas Your. We celebrate and Your people, guilt of sins izbavlatsa, when thou zvati Ti: naledi reggaet the virgin and Pisatelnitsu of our life.

Prayer to the Apostle Simon the Zealot

Know the wisdom of the doctrine in the souls blagochestivymi polissage in praise appease, thou Bogollagama CSIS Simon: the Throne of Bo Glory now have and Ethereal fun, Malasia incessantly about all of us.

Holy glorious and all-praiseworthy Apostle of Christ Simone, spodobalysia cathedra home in Cana Gallestey of our Lord Jesus Christ and His blessed mother, our lady the virgin, and be a witness glorious wonders of Christ, Braz revealed your bringing water into wine! We beseech thee with faith and lubowo: pray to Christ God to transform our souls from the sinful in God; preserve and keep us in your prayers from the temptations of the devil and downs sinful and seek us help in the time of distress and becomeshe our support don’t predname on a rock of offense, but steadily marching by saving commandments of Christ, until we reach our heavenly abodes, where are you now Vodonaeva and Vasilissa. To her, the Apostle Spasov! ‘t beat us, craze those who take refuge in thee, but we Wake helper and protector of all life and our pomozi us piously and godly life of this transitory scontati, good and peaceful Christian death gain and a good spodobilsja on Strashni the Court Hristova, Yes isbecause ordeal of air and the fierce power of Satan, will inherit the Kingdom of heaven and glorify velikolepie the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit forevermore. Amen.

Archangel Barachiel, the protector of the pious families, Heavenly ranks of the bodiless.

About the great arkhistratige of God the Archangel Barachiel! Standing the Throne of God and Attali bringing the blessings of God in the houses of the faithful servant of God, seek the Lord God of mercy and blessings upon our houses, may God bless us and God will multiply the abundance of the fruits of the earth, and will give us the health and salvation, all good popeseye, and the enemies victory and overcoming, and preserve us for many years, always. Now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

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Psychological techniques in the Education of children from Michail Litvak
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