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Cheat sheet FOR PARENTS of first-GRADER


Soon the 1st of September. Will start a busy day not only for children but also for parents. Especially those whose child crosses the school threshold for the first time. A lot of questions: how to support the child, what to say, how to react. Psychologist Irina Moskalenko will help to answer some of them.

13% of children come to school not ready. It’s not the ability to read and write, and in the development of a preschooler, his state of health. To determine whether the child is ready for school, help psychologist (kindergarten or school). Be sure to tell us about his findings to the teacher.

The question of whether it would be advisable to send your child to school with for 6 years, decided medical-psychological Commission on an individual basis. And not in July or August, and after six months to a year. Sometimes a parent will “prolong childhood” can only hurt: he has lost curiosity, for which I need to grab at the first stage. If parents want to try to determine the readiness of the child, we have a special test. It is necessary to ask the child to draw a human figure. If he draws eyes, ears, hands, fingers – it can be considered that the child is sufficiently Mature.

If something is missing, show the picture to the psychologist – all deviations must be considered on a special scale.

Parents are not always right, considering that the before school child should be able to solve problems and know the verses by heart. Yes, these children quickly begin to read and write, but in half a year “out”. They overtake classmates, who just came gradually. If you looking for a way to teach first-graders to read, don’t need to otrabatuvat “reading techniques”. He better learn to retell, to distinguish sounds and letters. To the kid willingly took up the pen, develop fingers: sculpt, embroider, do application.

And in the first stage, we advise parents to pay special attention to something. First, Wake up early to school. Will need patience, but this should be done gently, with hugs, stories that begin a new good day. In any case, shout: “Run late”, even if really late. Ideally, if mom will take vacation in the early fall. Secondly, evaluation. Parents begin to chase the progress and to compare their child with other children. Talking about that, “Tanya learns best, and we in thee, that’s your job”, form the child’s inferiority complex. Especially not link the successes and failures of the child with deprivation of parental love. Thirdly, lessons. They need to do together, but not instead of the child. If you will choose to write in the prescription and solve problems, the child will not want to think himself. Play with him, but let’s understand that the lessons are very serious. The child must understand the difference between teacher and grandmother and feel, where can be capricious, and where not. Fourthly, rest. After school, the first-grader just needed a nice lunch, a walk, and sometimes hours sleep. Fifthly, classmates.

We must try to get acquainted with new school friends child. Invite them to visit, spend the weekend together, play with them in football. This one day might be the key to your child’s success among peers. Sixth, the teacher. In no event it is impossible to Express their dissatisfaction with his actions in the presence of a child. To speak with the student that the teacher does not understand and does not like your son means to sabotage the relationship. Seventh, confidential conversation. It is necessary to disassemble all that happened during the day. I recommend art therapy. When the child is rested, had lunch, took a walk, ask him to draw today. In color you will understand what emotions the child returned from school. Red, black, brown paint is aggression, blue, green – the colors of hope, pink, yellow – joy. But whatever he drew, adjust it for changes: all correctable, did not happen today will happen tomorrow.

If you don’t want to make enemies, try not to laugh at first love! Kid, seriously who decided to marry a classmate, it is, of course, ridiculous. But it is your reaction heaviest traumatic for the child. Another big problem for many kids – off to the toilet during the lesson. Some 5th class suffer from this, even become anoressica nerves. So explain that there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Configure that you can just stand up and walk out of class if you really want to use the toilet, but the teacher is not paying attention. Although knowing that the baby is a little shy, better to talk about it with the teacher.

Eighth, circles and sections. Very well, if the child is to go somewhere besides school. There are special techniques that help to define tendencies of children. To the opinion of the child is also worth considering. He wants to go to choreography, let it go. If you do not like, suggest something else. Let him choose and make mistakes.

Years to 12 it’s not terrible. But remember: the child can not simultaneously be a student, a candidate master of sport and a great musician. Not because he’s stupid – he’s just too young.

And last. Before school need to undergo a full examination by a physician. And it turns out that the child is going to have to suffer 10 years in gym class, and on the draft Board will find that he has omitted the kidney, flat feet or Tanzila. Good luck with your school year!

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