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Club for kids


The term “early development” is probably familiar to anyone who has at least some relationship to pedagogy. Many parents begin to deal with a toddler at home, but not every mother have the patience, and often knowledge. Talent on a regular, well-built, but exciting activities.

Many parents try to identify the child in the manger after years on a number of economic reasons. Another group of parents wishes to leave the baby at home as long as possible but at the same time consider necessary to ensure the child’s regular activities and social interactions with peers.

Well. Demand creates supply, and now the parents of our city already has a choice – to give my one year old baby in a manger, to invite a babysitter or go to classes at the Club for kids.

Club for kids is based on the child development Center, kindergarten №57 “Dandelion, Neryungri three years. Visit the club kids aged 10 months to 2 years. The club is open two days a week (Saturday. Sunday), from 10 to 16 hours. A visit to the club is paid, the cost of one day of classes 25 rubles

The main areas of work of the club:

Improving the quality of life of children of preschool age.

The development of new forms of interaction between family and kindergarten.

Development and testing of modern models of parenting and child development.

Providing a supportive environment for the children to adapt to the conditions of the DOE.

Pedagogical education of parents.

Visit the club kids along with their mothers. Mom choose the most comfortable for your baby. With this in mind, time is equipped with several subgroups, each of which are separate classes. In a subgroup of 5 to 10 children. It offers young visitors two rooms: a games and recreation room (on weekdays it’s the usual group of early age). The first equipped for outdoor games and activities: plastic house, ladders and slides, shelves with toys. Second, you can retire and relax or just to crawl. Equipped area for mothers with cozy stools, there are always interesting magazines, folders-tips for parents.

Club work is constructed as follows:

Each meeting is dedicated to one direction in the development of toddlers – sensory, music, speech development, etc. In accordance with the main theme of the meeting is issued Wednesday games, selected stimulating material for lessons, Advisory material for the parents.

All classes are integrated, augmented rhythmic exercises, music, finger gymnastics.

Together with the kids attend classes and parents.

Provided consultative assistance of a psychologist and a speech therapist.

From the General classes parents can choose an additional technique to practice with the child: learning to read according to method N. And.Zaitseva, individual classes on the Montessori method.

Length of sessions varies and depends on the degree of activity of each child. After the end of the lesson, the child chooses a hobby, an experienced teacher and mother only guide and support him.

We have chosen the following main directions in the development of toddlers:

Sensorimotor development.

Speech development.


Development of creative abilities (sculpture, drawing).

The development of movements.

Intellectual development.

During the meeting it offers kids a large amount of building material, presatellite, dry pool and aquariums.

After several joint meetings mother can leave the baby for some time one.

Before school starts, parents are introduced to the group and the teachers choose the most convenient time for visits to the club. Fill out the form – familiarity, which allows you to get acquainted with the baby and his family. To accommodate the wishes of parents.

Each meeting has the following structure:

Greeting ritual.

Work with the sub-group.

Free operation,.

Individual work.

Elective class parents.

Advice for parents.

The approximate contents

Meeting 1

Objective: Create an atmosphere of trust and psychological well-being, familiarity with children


The teacher invites parents and kids to take a comfortable position on the rug.

Teacher with musical accompaniment starts recitation to pronounce the character familiarity.

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