How to Be Friendly With Older Children
  What prevents to build such relations, which are valuable for both parents and children? Let's try to understand this from the point of view of the psychology of relationships…

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How to Be Friendly With Older Children
  What prevents to build such relations, which are valuable for both parents and children? Let's try to understand this from the point of view of the psychology of relationships…

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Games for little kids, educational speech


Game for the youngest children need to teach your baby to communicate. After all, a newborn baby only knows how to scream. When he grows up, his face can recognize emotions. Of course, the smallest baby’s reflex occurs. The task of the mother – using games to teach your child to consciously Express his wishes. To understand without words what he could not Express in speech.

The game “showing the finger”

In this game we with her little daughter started to play with four or five months. I was holding her in his arms, carried through all the rooms, pointed at objects and loudly called them. Especially we poked a finger at those objects that satisfy the need of my little daughter. It’s food, clothes, toys. So popular we enjoyed the family members. And my daughter’s favorite things – a lamp, dog, butterfly in the picture. Of course, this game is not really developing speech. For the child has learned the first communication, pointing to desired objects.

Children’s books

When the baby learned to sit, I bought her some colorful books for the very young. I remember when my daughter was sitting in a chair, propped up by a pillow. I gave her all four books. Then my child didn’t understand why we need these bright squares. But on her face was endless happiness! Daughter was looking at books, turning their handles and made auspicious sounds of pleasure. Since then, we regularly buy books for the little ones. Read them, discuss everything that was on it. Thus, developing a speech.

Watch educational video

We then discovered the world of cartoons. The first educational cartoon for us was “Tiny love”. Cartoon characters used elements of the games. For example, hiding in a box, they had to find. This concept would later prove useful for the game “hide and seek”.

I can not remain silent about developing cards. These videos we enjoy watching so far. Forget, then look again. And I am surprised of the result! Now my daughter is 1 year, 9 months. She sometimes tells me things that I teach her how. For example, I saw the picture with the moon and stars and said it was night. Simple words (mom, dad, Baba, let, drink, sleep, AB-AB, etc.) she started to say after a year. And the concept of “do not want”, “snow”, “the cat sleeps”, “fun”, “it’s cold outside,” she appeared after regular hits of educational cartoons.

Finger games

Of course, we train not only the tongue, but still the fingers. Develops fine motor skills for us is sacred! About finger gymnastics I wrote. Write now, in what educational games we play at home.

First, we draw a lot. The first markers gave us Santa Claus at the festival. Since then, the walls, the furniture, the floor, the books we painted ornate colored lines. For such work it is impossible in any case to blame. Otherwise you can ruin the talent in the Bud. In addition to the markers, we draw with colored pencils, pens, chalk, finger or watercolor.

Chalk daughter draws on the special little Board. Then your artwork and it erases with a damp cloth itself. Finger paints are difficult. May be because she is never dips her finger into the paint and “picking up” her. Therefore, the finger remains dry and paint on top of the nail. But we further train with finger games.

A special joy brings daughter painting with watercolors. They are bright, interesting. And they can draw brushes of different thickness. Moreover, doing the little “footprints” or “tracks”. First, I bought my daughter a coloring book where the picture painted by water. But there were pale in color. Watercolor has brought a lot more emotion because of the brightness. However, dipping the brush had to learn all over again. At first we just tried to draw with colored spots. Don’t forgot to call the color: blue, red, yellow and so on. Then our drawings we were given specific names: honey, berries, leaves, grass. It does not matter that the colored stain is not like weed or dog. Much more important is that this process brought pleasure and satisfaction. To do this, I always praise my daughter.

finger paints

To those applications that are drawn, cut out and then glued with glue, we haven’t grown. Although, the other kids our age already perform such tasks. A lot depends on the stock of patience mom. I didn’t always enough. Therefore, I had to buy some ready-made books with stickers. I help my daughter take off the sticker and find the location you want to paste. She does it with great pleasure. Of course that doesn’t always happen exactly, but I still praise her. It’s also developmental activities. With constant training will turn out better.

Recently we started working in clay. Diligent moms make salt dough for sculpting. I have no desire to make dough with your hands. So we took the clay. I pinched off from his small balls, put on a sheet of paper. Daughter finger was squashed these pieces, turned out a small pellet. Under this exciting process you can think of a lot of games. For example, on a painted tree blossom plasticine green leaves. Or a flower blooming with colorful paints. Or it is necessary to feed Masha and the Bear dumplings, berries or vitamins.

We have a game with a little doll when she eats food, then goes to the potty, then goes to sleep in the bed. All the items molded me out of colored clay. After playing daughter “collects the clay into balls”. That is, green to green, blue to blue. Here is everything in order, then start a new game “from scratch”.

Playing with sand and cereals

Recently we became interested in drawing on the sand. But since now we have snow. Sandbox is frozen. Sand I replaced with semolina. Put it on a table for feeding (we got it with borders). If such a table is not, I think you can replace it with a pan or box of chocolates. With such a construction, too, can come up with various educational games.

My first daughter just painted her fingers with semolina, leaving a different line. Then I gave her another beans, shells and colored stones. She liked to iterate over all the wealth. From beans she adds patterns, shifts in a jar or a toy plate. Semolina she loves to pour pinches like dolivet soup.

Games with cereals are also developing. Because I train not only fine motor skills. Still develop the imagination. And it in good stead. But, be sure to keep the child put a small object in the nose or mouth. I heard about this case, when the baby stuck in the nostril of a pea. Mom didn’t notice it. Revealed all when the peas started to sprout. So no need to leave your child alone with educational games. Unknown, the consequences of his violent fantasy.

Everything I listed games, educational activities contribute to the creation of neural connections in the brain of children. So, language development, intelligence. After all, we want our children to be not only healthy, smart, well mannered. I think if a kid to do with kids educational games, in school they will learn much easier.

What do you think? What games do you play with your small children? What educational activities do you enjoy? Write a comment to this article and share it with your friends by clicking on social media buttons. I am very interested to know what games like younger children.