Prayer on the Board and love between husband and wife
  Oh great and all-praiseworthy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian, superstrike Christ, our warm zastupnik and fast in sorrow the existent pomoschniche! Pray the Lord God taravati us the…

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How to raise a child without shouting and punishment
In the family a son any packaged product dear friends! are you planning an event, want to know your residents. to love children how to raise a child without shouting…

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I’m afraid to meet


We all have fears and feelings about anything. With regard to relations between m and M . and here they are innumerable: fear of intimacy, fear of sex, fear of losing a loved one, fear of confessions and lots of other things. Well, you, really, and don’t worry, you have up to these fears and will not come if you’re scared just to meet you. What there relationship?

Don’t want? Then let me tell you how to be here. And in General, all basic things closer! Everyone is was for once, there is a relapse, still useful!

” Hello, my name is Anonymous. And I’m afraid to meet you ”

Tell me about your childhood.

All our problems there.

Each boy since kindergarten explain, what line of conduct to men. “Men don’t cry, men don’t dance”! Here’s what has influenced you, PAL! Will teach you good? Any display of emotion! And it is so necessary for travelers, it is the push you need to understand this!

Girls, and You are driven by a desire to comply with the limits of decency, mom/dad always said that girls themselves do not stick to the boys! But, if he’s like this right here and you’re just going to go and just stare at each other, until someone intervenes, well, for example his future girlfriend who will show initiative!

You guys are always so right? So long to Excel and join the ranks of neurotics. This is still at the initial stage as you calcify, approaching the object of sighs, and then the seizures will begin to fight! Stop it!


The lowering of the threshold of sensitivity to phobias. Now there are more simple ways to explore – via the Internet, Skype, forums. If you’re afraid to come and talk directly, now you can do it from afar. And then move closer and closer.

But this method will not eradicate the problem, and just drown her out.

The effect of “Black box”, you’re just going to admit the fact that failed, while having a whole range of reasons for this fiasco! But to do what? What to do next?

Analyze this.

Let’s try to understand it, work through all the causes of internal brakes and already begin to move towards gradual reduction of fear.


Here, goes to meet her! His eyes lit up, there is a desire to become acquainted with such a wonderful person. But then, instantly, you lose the scenario: “Remember what happened last time? Here you go, full of confidence, he came to it, and then ” failure”. The second time, a feat no longer pulls. Verdict: “I definitely will be denied”! Self-esteem has returned to the previous level, the glint in his eyes is gone! You pass by.

What draws you to these reflections? You’re not a fortune teller, a psychic trolling? What’s the problem here? All elementary, friend!

You’re driven by fear of failure, fear failure:

– What if I don’t like it. Here is our narcissism! We hate the thought that we may be denied, because we are not pretty enough/a good/complete. You don’t believe that this could be, however, and do not want to check! Either here in force complexes, insecurities about their appearance, as in personality. Seriously? When you mirror crack?

– What if someone has got her/him. And here is a manifestation of cowardice. You are looking for an excuse. We already knew that the dreamer you’re still the one! And suddenly she’s in love or waiting for the guy. If, Yes if only! Until you meet, you never know! So go for it!


– If you increase the importance. “She/he is! Ah!” What? Hike, if you’re so afraid to approach, she is an evil, rabid raccoon. Maybe it should not come then? Remember, friend, the object of your attention are the same person, just like you!

– If you reduce the relevance. Why would I do that and etc. etc. Here fear is manifested consent. Do you think that she/he will give your room or, God forbid, actually, I will say your name! Then what to do? And suddenly need to go somewhere? And the money is there I do? So, a t-shirt and under the jacket failed, I just get bread from the house ran out. Anyway do I need a relationship?

Where do your thoughts go? This is because, simply, to anything you are not binding upon acquaintance. You have to understand it.


Little fear of being rejected, of being rejected in front of everyone – the highest degree of fright!

Then you start to think about the fact that the place is not suitable, a lot of people, and maybe someone will hear, and will laugh, suddenly for her/him it is right now! All this is just an excuse. Here, for example, there is little that stops You, if, suddenly, in the toilet itch, and even in unexpected places or you at the exam in front of the entire audience, think about it, yeah.

The game in confidence.

It is normal that you feel the excitement, communicating with the girl. She, too, feels the excitement when communicating with you. So you must understand this, don’t be shy! Stay confident and be yourself.

As cheesy as it sounded! How do you like the opposite sex, depends on your confidence in yourself, belief that you have the right to know, confidence that you are not ashamed of their desires!

And it is not as critical to the failure! That still no one died! Well, failed or refused, so now the cross on his life to deliver! The waiver must serve you reason to move on. You must be persistent!


– To persevere in relation to itself. To put aside all of these: why and why! To tear ass and start acting!

The Theory Of Isaac Newton. “an Object in motion remains in motion. An object at rest remains at rest. Provided that no external influences”. From this law it follows that in order for something has changed, you need to exert force. Or you do, or someone will make it up from the outside, for example, your friend. But nothing of course will not happen, it is Important to understand this. You don’t want to be left with nothing!

– Be persistent with the object of attention. Among girls extended play in the “Dynamo”, so be smart, play it in this game, just remember that your goal is to get a positive result!

The rules approach.

– Never block the man’s way. Never. It frightens people. Quite will approach at an angle of 30-45 degrees. Smile! Show me the palms of the hands. Keep your back straight! Don’t forget the game in confidence!

– We will meet directly! ‘t want to hear the answer: “No”, eliminate the question: “While it is possible to meet you?” Put your imagination in a different direction, don’t think about the possible results of development! Ask how to get somewhere, where is that house, ask him to show the way! Or ask about the happiest day, and maybe about what a person purpose in life. Having received the answer, maybe even you are thinking to learn, thinking that the person you are not so much interesting!

– It’s time to stop being afraid of others! Think! More importantly, get to know the person with whom you may spend the rest of his life, or not to fall face in the dirt in front of total strangers, with whom you would never see him again!


Ten Dating without continuing! Your task is to use different methods! For example, step up and say: «And You scared to get acquainted with a man who is nice to You?”. Work out the answer. I say thank you. And go. Simple!

In conclusion:

Every once refused. This is inevitable, because there are different situations, the person can tie the bond of marriage and it’s not you! Any professionalism work enough practice! Look at the situation from the outside, and thank her for the experience! Good luck, friends!

Bad habits in children
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