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The Planned kids room design for girl and boy


If you need to decorate the nursery for two opposite-sex children, but the living area is limited, it makes sense to think about the total child. How to arrange a room and what to pay attention, we’ll tell you in this article. Following the recommendations of specialists, you will be able to create a cozy and comfortable space for their children.

To create a beautiful room with a certain type of design – no problem, a few more the case with the design of the nursery. But the creation of the children, a suitable design for two children, namely girls and boy, is no easy task. In this case, you must consider the fact that style and color preferences of boys and girls will almost certainly be the opposite . So when it comes to shared room for two opposite-sex children, we need somehow to combine the wishes and characteristics of each of the small tenants.

If the number of rooms in the apartment only allows you to create a joint child, it is preferable to choose a large or medium area of the room — so you will have a place for experimentation in design. Despite the fact that especially design for children girls and boys are different, there are common elements in the design of each child’s room that need to be considered.

Private space for each child plays a huge role in shaping the personality. Everyone wants to have their own “magical” world where you can play and develop.

In addition, when arranging the nursery, you should consider the personality and preferences of each child and their age category (depending on that, we will design a nursery for toddlers or older children).

Proper zoning – the basis of the design of the room for two children of different sexes

When designing shared kids room, before you split the room into two halves — one for each child, it is necessary to highlight the main areas: the overall game, separate or common (or multi-level bunk bed) sleeping, working and joint area storage.

You can use a joint working area — this decision will allow the children to sit together and to help each other if necessary in performing different tasks.

Play area

Creating a play area, it is necessary to take into account the age characteristics of children, such as creating a nursery for babies up to the age of 8 years old is much easier than for teenagers.

Highlight the play area can be a simple and safe colored shelves with baskets for toys and a multi colored rug will help to create a place for outdoor games. However, using this solution to create play areas for the children of the older age categories is not recommended.

For Teens more appropriate zoning would be the allocation of space for activities and games.

To create a play corner, you can use children’s sports complex for the overall development and maintenance. Even a regular sports Mat is perfect for both girl and boy.

To create a common playing area should combine the wishes and interests of each child.

It is also not recommended to combine gaming and working areas, so that children can focus on one process: either at the game or at work.

Area rest and sleep

To create a zone of rest and sleep it is best to create two separate beds. However, the option is often used with a bunk bed in the bedroom for boy and girls — as a rule, in cases where you want to save space.

What Wallpapers is best suited for a child’s room? See how to choose suitable for girls, boys and toddlers .

Modern design children’s rooms can also be found multifunction sleeping area, combined with a chest of drawers or even Cabinet. Using such a solution in the bedroom for two children, you can not only save area in your room and create a convenient storage, but also to organize an interesting, comfortable and cosy children’s recreation area.

If the area of the room allows you to create two sleeping areas, in this case, it is necessary to create equal conditions for every child. Should equally distribute the number of boxes and shelves, to create equal conditions for storage of personal belongings.

It is also possible in a small room to use the podium with pull out beds for two children, but this decision requires that the apartment had high ceilings. In this case a place on the podium can be used as a work area by setting two desks or a large table for two children, and the beds being under the podium, you’ll free up space for a play area.

Currently, the market of children’s furniture offers plenty of beds for two children: fold-down bunk, bunk beds, loft beds.

Working area

Speaking of the working area in the nursery, we mean a place where two children can do homework and to do their hobby.

The main element of this place is written or, in the modern version, is a computer Desk. Choosing a table, you should consider what your child will need space not only for the computer itself, but also a place for writing . shelves for books and small compartments for notebooks, pens and pencils.

Choosing furniture for school, you and your children will have the opportunity to experiment, because it does not have to be strictly classical character.

Using collaborative writing Desk, make sure that each child will be comfortable enough and convenient that will be provided for each good table lighting.

You can consider the option that combines a special place for computer (corner table) and for writing. In this case, the computer selects in the corner, and for writing — the place in front of the window, since this may create a more favorable illumination of the working area.

Color design interior baby room for girl and boy

One of the most complex and interesting moments in the design of the overall design children girl and boy, is the choice of the color palette.

Of course, the General background is best to paint in bright colors or Wallpaper paste over the walls bright colors. Also, you can use different techniques with a combination of different types of Wallpaper to create an accent or highlight a particular zone.

With the help of photo Wallpaper with your favorite cartoons you can decorate and highlight your area of rest and sleep boy and girl.

To contribute to the development of both children a sense of responsibility, you can provide the choice of decoration or design of personal space to themselves. If you left this privilege for itself, leave part of the wall or place on it that is designed for self-expression or decoration drawings, photos or posters and posters (at the request of the child).

Guided by the choice of children, depending on the preference of the girl or boy with the help of favorite color of the child can distinguish and delimit their objects in the room . In this case, you must observe neutrality shades of the walls, floor and ceiling, and to highlight favorite color of the child pieces of furniture, the workplace and/or bed linen.

Of course, to turn the nursery into a color chaos is not necessary — observe the harmonious combination or try to find a neutral solution which will appeal to all.

Another option color design joint design the nursery for girl and boy is to use neutral and soft tones for the General mood of the room, and ask the subject in the form of a favorite cartoon or entertainment of both children. Post your favorite cartoon characters on the curtains, bedspreads and pillows . and, perhaps, to create a design similar to the habitat of these heroes (green forest, farm, ocean floor, ice age, etc.) – this design will suit both a boy and a girl.

However, this option is not suitable to all age groups. Then it is better to use the neutral version of the main color, and accessories to use those that are not associated directly with age.

Decided to redo the bedroom? Will Tell You. how to make it cozy and modern.

Children grow up quickly and change their tastes, so if you count in the long term, the room of a brother and sister are best made with the help of Wallpaper is universal shades. They should also not be too bright, so that their properties are not acted arousing. Before, choose color finally, you should seek help from psychologists to pick up the tone, building on the child’s temperament.

In conclusion, we note that we considered only the main points that you should pay attention to when constructing a shared boy and girl. So the result has satisfied you and the children, their opinion must be taken into account in the process of creating the design of the room.

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