Bad habits in children
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How to teach a child to kindergarten
  Once in kindergarten group always easy to determine which of the children in the team new. Typically, this kid (if he has more than 3 years old) sitting on…

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How to teach a child to kindergarten


Once in kindergarten group always easy to determine which of the children in the team new. Typically, this kid (if he has more than 3 years old) sitting on the sidelines, he has a rather gloomy expression. When everyone goes for a walk in a music hall or physical education, he follows everyone. But sullen expression on his face not disappearing. The child is experiencing severe emotional stress! And the younger kids are not shy in expressing their negative experiences and are weeping bitterly! This is the period of adaptation to the kindergarten, which, unfortunately, inevitable. However, having information, parents can reduce stress.

We already wrote about the ways you can try to alleviate the baby’s experience of kindergarten or nursery schools. How to prepare your child for kindergarten? What Arsenal have parents who are planning to give the baby to preschool, we wrote in the article Soon in the garden (You will find guidance to help the child adjust to the right mood, relieve tension and reduce stress levels). From the article When you need to give a child in kindergarten, we learned that the baby is better to send the team to the 4-th years – from this age a child is ready to stay in kindergarten without parents. However, not every family can afford to wait until the child Matures emotionally and psychologically for kindergarten. Unfortunately, a very large number of kids go to the nursery. And to this we must prepare, isn’t it? In the article whether the child is Ready for kindergarten You can take the test, the questions of which are designed with regard to demands for skills and experience of the baby, which is demanded by most preschools. But this article we decided to devote to the issue of the child’s adaptation to kindergarten.

Baby, going to kindergarten, inevitably exposed to stress. His age, Your efforts, the level of professionalism of the educator plays here only mitigating role. The child is dipped in a brand new, until recently, unfamiliar environment. Moreover, the conditions and relations, which he used and believed to be the only normal, collapsing. Mom leaves, leaves him with strange children and suspiciously friendly foreign woman. The baby needs time to get used to a new way of life, meet the team, get used to the caregivers. But someone this time is reduced to one or two weeks, and someone it takes almost four months! Why is this happening?

How long will it take to adapt to kindergarten?

The duration of the adaptation period depends on many factors, namely:

· Play a significant role the child’s temperament. his character, his experience of social relations, the degree of attachment to parents. For example, if the child did not leave mom on a step (we already wrote about a similar phenomenon, but also indicated age range, within which such behavior is the norm), but now it would be extremely difficult to be separated from her.

· Children’s team, facing the kid, has great significance. United does this group? Or is it all new? Are there aggressive and hyperactive children?

· A special role in facilitating adaptation period play combined efforts of educators and parents.

However, child psychologists are of the opinion that adaptation to kindergarten ends only after two or three months. Not before!

How to understand that adaptation was completed?

Upon completion of the adaptation process, the child eats well, sleeps in kindergarten and enjoys playing and walks.

The child went to kindergarten and often sick now

As we have seen, the encounter with a new environment and new conditions causes stress. Stressful situations cause decreased immunity. Therefore, the child can be returned from the garden with the temperature, to Wake up sick in the morning. And it has more of a psychological cause, and not due to the fact that “kindergarten is a breeding ground for infections.”

At home, the child was accustomed to the pot, and the garden began to write in his pants

Again because of such rollback is stress. In an emotionally uncomfortable situation, the child loses a number of skills acquired previously. This may be due to planting in a pot. independent eating, dressing. The situation is normalized if supported by parents.

To teach a child to pre-kindergarten

If You have three to six months, then the child will go to kindergarten, ready for any contingency! Below we provide recommendations child psychologists that will help to alleviate stress. Some of them we have already described in the article How to prepare your child for kindergarten.

How to help your child adjust to kindergarten

1. Take your toddler on a tour into the territory of the kindergarten (do not think that it is only suitable for larger children, this recommendation is suitable for baby 2-years). Usually, there are many bright and attractive slides, swings and houses. Everywhere children play. Tell the child that all children attend kindergarten. And when the baby grows older, she too will go to kindergarten, will be able to play all these games with the guys. Ask your toddler what toys he would like to try out.

2. Tell a child a story in which the kid, like him went to kindergarten, would overcome all difficulties and made friends like owls seven guys. Here is an example of such a tale, the Tale of kindergarten.

3. Saying goodbye to the kid in kindergarten, tell me, what will definitely be back for it.

4. Ask the little one about the garden. With interest listen to his stories.

5. All that the child is in kindergarten, store and proudly show to friends and family (for example, crafts and paintings).

6. If the farewell of the mother is given let it be the first time the child has done in kindergarten daddy (to father children is linked, usually a little less).

7. Give the child his favorite toy with her, he will feel much more comfortable.

8. In the case of a “brag” to others about what a big kid that he will soon go to kindergarten. Children listen attentively to such talk and hint at the mindset of an adult. If the conversation is over because You have no idea how adaptation will take place, then the child will remember it. And on a subconscious level, will know that he was waiting for an unpleasant ordeal.

9. Train yourself to say goodbye to the baby. Going to the store without a child, get their fees and get used to the ritual of farewell. Let the crumbs will help to find the bag, keys, then waving the pen at a good-bye kiss.

10. On the eve of the first day, remind your child that he will soon go to kindergarten.

11. After visiting the kindergarten be patient: the crumbs accumulated a lot of experiences and they need to vent. Help outdoor games on the street or even a simple long hug.

12. Do not scold the baby in the morning, when it was diverted to kindergarten.

13. Constantly talk about what you like kid, often hug him and caress.

14. On the first day go for a walk (and don’t bring a baby in a group) and do not leave the territory of the kindergarten.

15. Get introduced to and come into contact with the caregiver. The child will see that You know this “aunt” and realize that she can be trusted.

16. Explain to your child, who is the teacher. Let them know that You will not give the child to her. Teacher – “it’s like the teacher in the school”, she’s watching the kids, plays with them, teaches a variety of useful and interesting things. And in the evening after the baby comes his mother, who was very fond of him.

17. Don’t promise any real rewards for visiting the garden.

18. Do not punish or frighten the child kindergarten and especially educators.

19. Do not leave the garden without seeing the baby. For children it’s a real tragedy when the parents disappear.

20. Make sure that the baby was healthy, and the day before he had enough time to sleep and rest.

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