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Why millionaires steal children from ex-wives


The story of “kidnapping” the offspring of wealthy families do not descend from pages of Newspapers and TV screens [Discussion]

Drama in the family of Christina Orbakaite, forced to think again: what’s the best way to exercise parental rights or ideal method of blackmail?

No surprise, this old family, which departed father exhibited a monster as punishment for “treason” separated from contact with offspring. Such men almost half the country. But the mother that “former” does not admit to their own children, while exclusive new, threatening in the near future to become a serious problem of our entire society. While these dramas are played out mostly in the families of the rich and famous and therefore are fast becoming popular “soap”. But the contagious examples of palaces can move into the cabin. So what do they want, these fathers?

A typical scenario

After breaking up with their wives fathers for some time come to the children by the statutory (or arrangement) scheme. And at some point disappear with children in an unknown direction.

Option: stop to let the mother go home or take the children by force.

Followed by a lawsuit. As a rule, as arguments against the life of the mother are: her unstable mental condition; poor care of children; not appropriate material and living conditions (typically, they are a priori much better father, a millionaire); questionable moral character.

Sometimes, the court takes the child’s mother, but at the meeting, the defendant is not a “valid” reasons. The courts drag on for years.

If the court stands on the side of the mother and awarded her children, fathers ignore this decision, surrounding herself and her children by a cordon of armed guards.

Why they do it:

– blackmailing ex-wives children in the division of property;

– revenge ex-wives for infidelity, neglect and other symptoms of dislike;

– actually genuinely love their children, wishing them only good and considering that it’s “good” can give their children themselves.

What the Family code says:

PT. 55, part 1. In the case of separation of parents the child has the right to communicate with each of them.

PT. 65 part 3. The children’s place of residence when parents live set by agreement between the parents. In the absence of agreement, the dispute shall be resolved by the court based on the interests of children and taking into account the views of children. The court takes into account the attachment of the child to each parent, the child’s age, moral and other personal qualities of the parents, the ability to create the conditions for child development and education (occupation, mode of operation of parents, material and marital status, etc .).

PT. 66, part 1. The parent living separately from the child has the right to communicate with the child, participation in his upbringing. The parent with whom the child lives should not hinder the child’s relationship with the other parent.

And in practice?

Deputy Chairman of the International Union of lawyers the lawyer Igor Trunov :

“The criminal code does not consider such stories to the category of criminal offence of kidnapping. But worldwide it is prohibited. In America, for this you can get 15 years. In France it also give imprisonment up to 7 years. And there is a gap in the legislation. Our litigation very long. Most often the defendant intentionally begins to delay the process. Of the decision on with whom the child lives, no, the law enforcement system can not do anything, and the child lives with the one who first got him. This is our reality”.

Photo: Yana Rudkovskaya, Viktor Baturin and sons: a picture from a past life.

Scandals in the noble families

October 2006

Businessman, collector of Antiques and Advisor to the Minister of culture Viktor Bondarenko sued his former mistress singer Lena Belousova (it’s a pseudonym, by her first marriage she was married to singer Zhenya Belousov, on the same passport Elena Savina ) of their total daughter, Zhenya. Once Elena just not allowed into the house where she lived with her daughter. The court decided that the girl lives with her father and mother is allowed to visit her once a week. Into account was adopted primarily material factor: the lives of father greatly surpassed the capabilities of the mother.

April 2007

The owner of the metallurgical group of companies “Steeltex” millionaire Vladimir Saveliev decided to select three children after the divorce of his wife and stated in a psychiatric hospital about social risk and aggressiveness of Marianne. Savelyev was forcibly hospitalized and the children’s father was taken away to who knows where.

The doctors found Savelieva signs of mental illness and released. Marianne spent 8 months searching for missing children and husband. The ending of this drama was the intervention of the then President Vladimir Putin. A letter to him Savelieva managed to pass through Nikita Mikhalkov. Two weeks later, children Savelievich found in the suburbs – they were kept in a locked house, drove to school. The father had visited them only a few times. Anna, Misha and Masha Savelievich was passed to his mother, and fugitive oligarch was declared wanted.

Divorce millionaire Viktor Baturin and producer Yana Rudkovskaya ended in a public scandal because of the division of children. Buchanan decided that it would be to raise boys, and banned Rudkovskaya approach them. In September 2008, Yana Rudkovskaya managed to seize children from her ex-husband. Children should live with her. and the father has a right to see them at any time. However, nick and Andrew are still living with the father. The bailiffs claim that can’t find Baturin and his sons, although Rudkovskaya declares that not only knows about the new place of residence boys (somewhere in Kalmykia ), but also personally flew there to meet with children.

Business woman, owner of the country’s largest network of fitness clubs, Olga Slutsker and her ex-husband Senator Vladimir Slutsker was going to leave peacefully, but at the crucial moment, according to Olga, Vladimir said that I agree to a peaceful outcome of the case only if the ex-wife will leave the house and abandon children. The former wife of Senator told the press that Slutsker would not let her into the house, putting armed with machine guns guard.

The Senator himself during the scandal kept silent.

The theft of children by fathers is an epidemic

Many years of judicial practice almost wholly awarding the children to the mothers opened a nasty underside. And if now the story of the kidnapping are relatively rare and occur mainly in large and very large of money, not far off the time when forced to take in the beautiful tomorrow of their offspring will begin plumbing and vegetable growers. Contagious it is. Men – they’re like children, watch and learn.

The obvious hole in the law that allows everyone to do SO, now visible only very partially sighted members of the legislature. But nothing happens. The dog barks – the caravan goes on. And I have a feeling that they are ignoring this thread on purpose. Who in the Duma in session? Right, guys. The changes in the law unprofitable – but if tomorrow the war if tomorrow the divorce. But in the courts to clear up all this mess for the most part women. Them as a nekomilfo sexual solidarity not to respect and to award the child to the dad, even if his mother doesn’t hold a candle. One is superimposed on another, and everything is going as is.

But here’s the thing: for such performances is absolutely not viewed children. No one asks HOW they want to live. And I’ll tell you right now, and mom, and dad, and that nobody swore. And no court, that he there himself or decided, it was unable to change. For some reason adults always forget about it. Sclerosis they?