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How to fly with a baby: rules comfortable journey


The plane is one of the safest and most comfortable ways of traveling around the world. However, many parents are afraid to fly with children, considering air travel difficult and uncomfortable.

We declare it is not! Today we have prepared for you the tips how to fly with children, in order to not inconvenience them, themselves and others.

We assure you that our tips will help you to breathe and to look at the travel enthusiastic eyes of your child.

How to fly with a baby: how much is it worth

As on many other modes of transport, plane tickets for children cost less than adults. Airlines use to children special rates:

1. The rate of infant (baby) – for children from 0 to 2 years. Children are traveling without a seat, in the hands of an adult, only 10% of the cost of full fare. The low-cost airlines also practice a fixed price for infants on all flights (e.g. Wizzair is €25).

Luggage art series “infant” may not rely on the discretion of the airline. But wheeling a stroller is almost always free of charge.

In some cases, children under 2 years old can travel without payment, most often on domestic flights. In this case the Luggage is in an adult.

2. Rate Child (children) – for children 2-11 years . As soon as the kids turned 2, they begin to travel at the Child rate (child), which is 50-75% of the adult fare. He suggests a separate seat for the little passenger and baggage on adult norms .

The Child rate also applies to children under 2 years of age, if parents buy them a separate place.

3. Children older than 12 years are flying at full cost, but can count on a special youth fares, if any.

How to fly with a baby: the documents for crossing the border

If you are flying with a child abroad, check the list of documents necessary for travel. For children up to 16 years the standard list of documents looks like this:

1. Birth certificate of the child

2. An exit permit from one or both parents, notarized – if a child is traveling without parents or one of them.

3. Child’s travel document.

4. Visa – if required.

Children over 16 years only required travel document and visa.

How to fly with a baby: planning, airport, check-in, aircraft

Traveling by plane is an exciting event for both the child and for his parents. But if the excitement of the child is joyful, parents experience real stress. Follow our rules to stay calm and collected.

1. Book tickets in advance. So you can choose the best place. In addition, some airlines limit the number of young children on Board. Hurry up to join them.

2. Choose uncrowded flights. People rarely sit down to parents with children without extreme need.

The less people on the flight, the more likely that your baby will be able to get a separate place even without buying.

During the holiday season to find uncrowded flight can be difficult, but be aware that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – less popular days for departures.

3. Fly in the morning. In the morning children have traditionally been in the best of spirits, and therefore, is better behaved.

4. Come on Board first. Sign up for a flight as early as possible to avoid queues and to get the best seats. Come in to land first, to avoid the crowds.

5. Choose bright clothes. Dress your children brighter and you will be easier to find them in the crowd.

6. Do not hesitate to ask. Ask staff at reception not to seat next to you. Ask a neighbor to change places with you.

Ask the flight attendant to warm water for you diet. Ask them to give you a turn at the customs control. You’d be surprised how much people are willing to do for travelers with children.

7. Use children. Almost every airport has a children’s room, a room for feeding and changing. On the plane on long flights there are toilets intended for diaper changes. On Board can be sets for children for child – ask the flight attendants.

How to fly with a baby: what to take on a plane

Make your child comfortable while flying, you need to satisfy all his needs. It needs to be fed, he should not be scary, boring or uncomfortable. Think in advance a list of things that I will take on Board, or take advantage of our advice.

1. Clothing. Clothing should be light, comfortable, no rubbing seams. Shoes must be easily removable and dress. In the plane can be hot or cool, consider this moment in clothing. Take the extra set of clothes for baby and shirt for myself.

2. Food. Many airlines offer on its flights children’s menu – it must be ordered when purchasing tickets. But we still recommend to bring fruit, candies and cookies.

3. New toys. Buy toy in advance and take it with you. New fun will be able to take the child longer.

4. Screens – Yes . Even if you opponent spending time at the computer, bring a tablet with toys, a DVD player with cartoons or allow children to watch TV on the plane without restriction.

5. Wet wipes. They will help to deal with sudden spots.

6. Scarf and pins. Pinned the ends of the scarf to the seat backs, you’ll be able to isolate themselves from other people and help your child to sleep.

7. Medications. The plane is a place of high concentrations of people, which means that your child could get infected, which will quickly find their symptoms. So bring in your hand Luggage first aid kit with an antipyretic, antihistamine, and other necessary preparations.

How to fly with a baby: when to start to fly

Many parents are afraid to fly with babies. However, I can assure you – many people decide – and be satisfied.

Experienced travelers with kids say: flying with babies easier and more convenient than with a restless three – or only children of four.

Within 8 to 10 days after birth, most airlines are willing to take on Board the little traveler. The airline may require a doctor’s note on the admission of a newborn to fly, so be sure to check the requirements in advance.

Some airlines, e.g. British Airways, give the opportunity to book a flight for unborn babies – the need to clarify all the information after the birth.

How to fly with a baby: how to order a cradle

Babies fly without a seat on the parent’s lap. By default, the parents give separate straps that the child is fixed on the arms of an adult. Needless to say that such belts children not to taste.

Good service can render conventional backpack baby carrier or sling. In them, the child can comfortably sleep the entire flight.

Some airlines offer bassinets for infants, which must be booked in advance. Also check whether the airline is able to take his seat on the plane, and specify the requirements for it.

How to fly with a baby: stroller

Typically, airlines allow you to bring a stroller, even if the baggage check-in tariff is not provided.

The stroller can be checked at registration or transfer in the hands of the cabin crew when boarding the plane. In the second case, the stroller will be returned to you immediately after leaving the plane at the destination.

Stroller carried free of charge, but be sure to ask if there are any requirements for size and maximum weight of the stroller.

How to fly with a baby: solving the problem of the ears

During takeoff and landing due to the change of pressure small children often cry and complain of ear pain.

To help the baby to avoid discomfort, offer him the breast, a bottle of water or juice. Older children can drink water from a Cup or a Cup to SIP or suck on a Lollipop.

How to fly with a baby: eating on the plane

Even in conditions of limited passage of fluid to the parents of the kids not to worry. You can take in the plane of the bottle with breast milk, mixture, water, juice or compote.

However, try to keep the amount of food match the duration of the flight – do not type unnecessary. Put the child’s food in a separate bag and be sure to tell us about its availability for inspection at the airport.

How to send one child camaleon abroad

If none of the adults can fly with the child to rest, it could go one – under the watchful eye of representatives of the airline.

Already with 5 years old child can be sent to first solo trip and be confident in the successful outcome of the venture. After all, the child will be taken through customs inspection, put on a plane and at the destination will give the person meeting them.

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