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The Siblings with an age difference of 2 years


The day after I was with her two children going on a vacation. Without her husband ) the Difference of 2 g of 3 months. And now thinking about the upcoming trip reminded me of my long-standing promise )) By the way, the Internet I will not, so I say goodbye to September )

I must say, I’m not a writer – I am a reader ) I try to write exactly what I want to Express, but sometimes it turns out not quite sure. So I want to warn you, I do not insist that the age difference is about 2 years old so perfect that all other choices are bad by definition. I’m sure the difference is big, also has its advantages. Moreover, I think that the difference in age is not a determining factor affecting the relationship of siblings. However, I like a man who consciously and deliberately sought to have a second child within 2 years after the first, and not disappointed in my decision, I want to share my thoughts.

Of course, it is best when parents consciously want a second child – but I have known cases when claiming a categorical unwillingness to even one child’s parents had a child with such a difference – and in the end they acknowledged that turned out to be very convenient )

Well, in the review I promised to tell you about other differences ))

So. Pros of the age difference of siblings for about two years. Of course, it happens in every one, children are different, different situations, etc., etc. But we had so (another disclaimer – I since the birth of the eldest raised her to be quite in the spirit of Theory development on the basis of affection, although I haven’t heard anything about G. Neufeld. Just my beliefs were originally precisely this – what I later found confirmation in the theory. And Yes, she was “the child is easy to raise”, although the temperament and characteristics of the nervous system didn’t do it “easy” a child in the traditional sense). We had no grandparents, babysitters, kindergartens. But was a great dad who is active, a lot of quality and was involved in our lives. Junior is extremely sensitive, it is because of him I started a LiveJournal community “sensitive children” ) This is all I have that I just was not )) But after Junior year was considerably easier, and with 1.5 gradually began almost a freebie )

Now my children 6 years and almost 4 years.

1. To 2 years my daughter is not yet Mature enough to be jealous. We are the earliest months of her life led an active life, communicated almost daily with other children – went to visit, received the guests walked together and went to a cafe and birthday parties. The children she used to, she likes to communicate, all children in the company were almost “General” – all adults cared about all the children and had more or less similar principles of education. When I saw this, and I was told by my friends that in about three years, children begin extremely zealous to treat the attempts of the parents to communicate with some other children. In our case, three years older already quite accustomed to the presence of younger, loved him, he was already interested in it as a partner in the games, and she just totally did not remember that she was the only one.

2. And it’s still not the same age. In 2 years my oldest has already understood everything, it was easy to agree on everything. She could wait a bit if necessary, and even something to help (well, there’s a diaper to bring, for example – and it gave her a sense of usefulness and involvement in my case). I’m not afraid that it will somehow harm the baby just from a misunderstanding – she was very careful with him. Know how to use the potty, get dressed, sleep and eat. I just was always around and looked at her, putting Junior in a sling.

3. They are almost on the same level. They are really interesting together. They are real best friends. Older does not have to persuade to take something younger ))

4. And Yes – I almost do not participate in role-playing games (and it’s not my Forte)! All these “how about you be a wolf, and I Bunny” – without me!

5. Junior had learned much from the older at all without my participation. At least half of the trouble is removed as a simple imitation ) In this case the difference is not so great that they seem so unattainable that it makes no sense to try to repeat what makes older.

6. They always have company. They don’t get bored. Ever ) And the next three weeks in a secluded house on a deserted seashore without any entertainment me not afraid at all ) I can go with them one at a restaurant to chat with your friends all I need is to take along a few toys. Now that few can boast of the company in the yard, as it was in our childhood, it has a particular relevance. My children don’t need cartoons and computer games for fun – they play a real role-playing game )

7. They are not interested in dealing with those children who does not suit them as a partner. If someone’s in a fight or call names, for example, they simply exclude him from THEIR games. They don’t have to endure someone who offends them, just for the sake of at least some communication. And don’t be upset if some company does not accept them in my game – just arrange alternative.

8. They play so well together that the other children want to go in their game. My children are almost always surrounded by company, and often they are the center. I think it’s useful experience )

9. Little difference did not give me a chance to consider the older “big”, to start something to expect and demand from it. It is the same (approximately) a small child, and as a Junior. And it sincerely – I don’t have to remind myself of that )

10. Even if they will fight a little (very rarely, but it happens) – this fight is more or less equal partners, and not much beats a little. So I can afford not to worry about the possible worsening of the situation and give them a chance to negotiate independently. And they are very well learned how to do it.

11. They have common interests, mutual friends, we read the same books, they watch the same cartoons, we go together to the theatre and museums. Then all discuss )

12. To the age where children begin mugs-classes, Junior was no longer a kid, and was really easy for me to drive the eldest to school with him. She did not have to change their lives with a younger appearance. With three years of Junior (5 highest) I take kids to school in one – we have a good kindergarten, which I use as overexposure between classes ) Classes we have every day some one or the other, then 2 times in one day, one morning, after lunch at another.

13. Pile up – there is no question of “boys are different from girls”. Everything is obvious and does not cause any interest ))

14. Earlier while I was cooking food, the children played together, and the younger does not stop me. By the time the older one wanted to help me in the kitchen, Junior learned to play independently for long periods of time, and even felt the need to be in the game alone from time to time.

15. Already they have almost synchronous mode. It’s convenient – they fall asleep together and Wake up together. If I’m comfortable, I can lay down for NAPs Junior or lay day older. The difference in the total amount of sleep they have about half an hour, i.e. insignificant.

16. Practical – clothes without pause passes from Junior senior. Enough to buy a winter jacket with neutral colours, and worn it for 4 years without a break) The same applies to running bikes, bikes, sports complex “Early start” and other expensive things. Buy them immediately for two for our family, very comfortable and economical.

17. Now I understand what I heard from my friends, whose only child was 4-5 years: I had before. The fact is that 5 years is a whole other level of communication with the child, another level of freedom. And plunge again into this infant is often psychologically difficult. And here you are just a little longer ride the rails, in life with the advent of the second child, almost nothing changes )

18. And the last is an incomparable happiness to hear somewhere in the next room leaping laughing over something your children, as they call themselves “WE,” dad – “our father” and you “our mother” Another touched to tears when the time for no apparent reason suddenly tight embrace, looking at each other, laughing, kissing is like real brother and sister )

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