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Dossier on the greedy


Meanie ordinary (Vir Cupidus Vulgaris) is a species of men, occurring often, women unloved.

And finally: what we believe are greedy? Usually the person who refuses to fork out in a situation where Noblesse oblige: to pay the bill along with his drinking buddies, give a girl flowers, etc. However, the “clamping” can be not only financial, but also emotional, and time resources.

Rich meanie, poor meanie

Relatively zhadin there are two sustainable mutually exclusive of prejudice:

Who is poor and greedy;

All the rich is a terrible hog.

Neither that, nor another is not true. And then: a lot depends on requests. Attempt to reduce the unpretentious young lady in the school instead of pretentious cafes can be interpreted as greed. But if for the sake of this campaign to the man will have a week to tighten the belt in front of us, the attraction of unprecedented generosity.

Person secured too easy to seem greedy enough to do something not corresponding to the level of aspiration ladies. He has a generous investments and Royal gifts, and he… well, we all have pre-calculated budget, where generous gifts may not fit.

And yet: sometimes we are confronted with examples of greed that is difficult to explain upbringing, habits, or budget.

Nature anal

Sigmund Freud linked excessive frugality, unwillingness to share, to give, the passion for hoarding – with fixation at a certain stage of early development – the so-called anal. It corresponds to the age of about one and a half to three years.

During this period, the child is taught to the pot, and if the parents treat the child not adequately or do not understand its real possibilities, they can cause psychological trauma, leading to certain changes in the character. The result is two types of characters: anal-pushing, and anal retentive. Actually, from the title shows that this separation is due to improper strategy of behavior parents. Anal-pushing nature of the injury was connected with the fact that aggressive parents forced the child to go potty in the designated time, perhaps, it is not appropriate to the physiological needs of the child. Who likes to come back in half an hour with a walk, because “this guy urgently itch”? Much easier to plant a “bad boy” on the potty just before going out, but here’s the thing: he’s sitting and not doing what it should be. And angry mother stomps and yells at their child, that it immediately completed all the work, and they’re not going anywhere at all. Accordingly, in the adult during anal-eject character will have a passion for squandering.

Opposite of anal retentive character is formed, when a child is overly punished for sending their necessities were inappropriate, for example in the pants. The result is an adult with the desire of everyone to “keep”, but certainly not what you were punished as a child, and wealth, who simply greedy.

Marital status: married or committed to this

Often believe that cormorants are not in a hurry to start a family: it is burdensome and costly. The reality is exactly the opposite. After all, the true Vir Cupidus seeks to reduce expenses and to accumulate values. The wife in our culture and in the cultures of neighboring and Eastern European countries continues to be a value. Therefore, the greedy man will strive to make a woman his exclusive property.

Another thing, how their family life. Naturally, such a husband will not approve those expenses wife deems unnecessary. But because – more modest, please. No frills in clothing, unwanted household appliances, without the private school for the child.

Woman, this situation may not be arranged. But divorce is greedy is not easy: after all, his desire to retain their property extends to the wife and children. In addition, usually the greedy man sincerely believes that gently takes care of the family, and claims takes for nitpicking and whims. By the way, and their children meanie quite likes and, more importantly, really does not want to release from the custody, so to some extent, believing them to be their property.

Bad habits: pedantry and the desire for order

Frugality is based on the principle expressed by the saying “every little helps”. But to know that she really cares, requires strict accounting: meanie would all the calculate, to systematically record, and records to keep in order.

By the way, it does not necessarily refer to earnings: truly greedy man seeks to describe and organize all areas of your own life, time, things, mental strength. The cormorant is rarely a lot of friends and loved ones is at all necessary to spend emotions! God forbid you take away from cormorant extra fifteen minutes, even if the list should be “lie on the bed and spit at the ceiling” – you for that compliment.

Greed international

But when we consider greedy person other nationality, may have a conflict of cultures: Russia’s generosity, the German death. In Europe it is accepted to go on a big spending when courting a girl. The man, obviously a saving in candy-bouquet period, looks weird, and the chances of his return are slim. In our culture expensive gifts to his wife – is voluntary. In the East, the opposite is true: people do not regularly endowing a wife, will be called a miser and a bad husband. For German will be the top of superdata not have to fork out for a good home, repair, improvement garden, but is not a manifestation of greed not invite a friend home, and to sit with him in the cafe, rigidly splitting bills.

Therefore, meeting the greedy man think – there are no objective reasons for such behaviour (such as cultural traditions or financial status), not too high does your concept of generosity.

Dossier on the greedy
  Meanie ordinary (Vir Cupidus Vulgaris) is a species of men, occurring often, women unloved. And finally: what we believe are greedy? Usually the person who refuses to fork out…


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