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Training for parents – Children reflect their parents


Child of the chest: he put it, and then get.


(2 slide)

Problem: How to correct behavior teenager, his moral values? How and what kind of experience is formed in children as a result of interaction with parents?

(3 slide)

The aim of the study: to determine the dependence of the child’s behavior from attitudes of parents (through the method of projection “parent-child”)

Objectives: (4 slide)

to get acquainted with the principles of the method of projections;

to analyze (imagine) the results (diagnosis) with parents and children;

to formulate principles of influence on adolescent behavior.

Teacher: We are used to justify all the problems of a transitional age, the wrong school system, instability in the world and in the country. And began to forget that in many respects we are the creators of our “problems”.

If the parent finds the courage to acknowledge the existence of the problem; find the time, will find the strength to solve their “problem” properly, the child will grow up happy and complete, and will be able to become a good parent for their children.

(Slide 5)

The child watches the parents go with him, with each other and with other people. During these interactions, parents show the child your relationship to him and the world is not so much in words, but rather on the level of action and Express our emotions. On this basis, he begins to build their vision of themselves and the world in which he lives. For example, if a child sees that the parents constantly quarrel with each other and find out the relationship, he can also learn how to be aggressive. If he sees the appeal of the parents to each other with love and respect, he also learns to love and respect other people.

If the relations between parents and children will lie kindness, understanding, love and respect; that every family can spread happiness.

Man is not born nor a teacher nor a policeman, nor a thief, every child is just a blank sheet. On each leaf is written human destiny. What it will be, to a large extent depends on the parents.

Stage 1: the Ideal model of parents through the eyes of children and children through the eyes of parents (according to the survey and of the Internet):

To parents: You are everything to their parents will always remain children! Tell us what qualities you appreciate in parents (as they should be), what do you expect from them?

(Slide 6)

Parents of the children . diligent, good student, honest, helping, without bad habits, neat.

And now the views of children (the survey was conducted in advance). Children about parents . kind, caring, help, household, without bad habits.

Conclusion: the Opinions of parents and children is similar in many respects, therefore, understandable and expectations in relation to each other.

Stage 2 to create an ideal model for the future adult (what do you expect parents, society):

To parents: what do you think, what the requirements of modern society with their new citizens?

For example, parents . obedience, compassion, kindness, diligence, accuracy:

(Slide 7)

Modern society . tenacity, commitment, mobility, stiffness.

Conclusion: there is a contradiction between the aspirations of parents and the demands of society.

Stage 2 “resemblance” (photo): Child is an external reflection of the parents, externally, the similarity may stress and internal. (Slide 8)

Stage 3 projection Method: Each person you meet in our way is our mirror. What do the mirrors? Reflect our lifestyle, our beliefs, our freedom or restriction, our joys and our sorrows. Psychologists call it “projection”. And what we see in these mirrors? His reflection, the reflection of his own life. If you constantly berate and punish reflected thereby, it is possible to berate and punish yourself. You can ignore the child, you can instill a love or dislike different methods. But you can accept yourself and your partner, and the child develops the ability to see the essence behind the reflections.

In psychology, projection is called the following processes: (slide 9)

b) the subject perceives the world and responds to the excitation in accordance with their interests, abilities, habits, prolonged or fleeting emotional States, expectations, desires, etc.

d) the subject shows by its attitude that he likens one person to another: say, for example, that he “projects” the image of the mother on his teacher.

d) the subject identifies himself with other people or, on the contrary, identifies other people, animate or inanimate beings with himself.

(e) subject attributes to other people impulses, desires, etc. which he does not see in himself.

Examples of behavior. Conversations with parents: clarification of a situation in the family (cause of the child’s behavior – aggressiveness, isolation, bad habits), the main recommendation is to change the behavior of the child, the parent must start with ourselves.

(Slide 10)

For example: Mom strictly chastises the child for ugly word, said to the teacher, or just a neighbor on the porch.

But after a couple of minutes chatting with a friend on the phone and those “ugly” words perebivay bone superiors.

Or dad can read his son a lecture about the need to help my mother with the housework, and in the morning, as well, and always forget to take out the trash.

We can each child get irritated and annoyed, the chronic lack of money, bad luck, evil bosses, inept government.

And then be surprised that our child has become angry and aggressive or often in a bad mood. Examples of such each parent can bring a lot, just observing him one day.

(Slide 11)

Learn to see the Essence of the child and their reflections. But the main task is to see, feel, hear its Essence from all the reflections and attercliffe, to see, hear and feel the Essence of the parents.

Stage 4 Art therapy: to Present the drawings of children of the class with a picture of the family (before the meeting with the parents the children were asked to draw pictures of their family). To give a brief analysis (used by color, by location of family members in their growth, etc.)

5 stage conclusions. So today we discussed the main principles of the method of projection, the diagnostic results of the views of parents and children. Based on the submitted material, I suggest you make a “Memo” that can be used in solving problem situations in the family.

(Slide 12)

Children – our stage in development. So every parent can deeper and clearer understanding of themselves and their lives through their children, leading them by example.

It is our job as parents to develop themselves and to teach their children to develop constantly, without stopping.

Step 6 “note to parents”:

1. Your child is your future, not only preserving your dignity, but also multiply them.

2. Your child is a member of your family, teach him as they grow up to certain orders. Teach him to love his home and family.

3. The main means of raising a child Your example, the behavior. The word auxiliary means.

4. Give Your child the opportunity to Express themselves in different cases: interests and Hobbies of the parents become the children.

5. The mental development of Your child, the formation of his personality depends on the style of family upbringing.

6. Your trust based on knowledge, will be to educate the child personal responsibility.

In conclusion of the meeting, parents receive a booklet with the main theses of the session.

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