How to raise a child without shouting and punishment
In the family a son any packaged product dear friends! are you planning an event, want to know your residents. to love children how to raise a child without shouting…

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The education and development of preschool children.
  PERSONALITY is man as a social being, a bearer of social consciousness. The essence of a person is manifested through the relationship into which he enters with the outside…

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Psychological techniques in the Education of children from Michail Litvak


Here I will describe how I managed my ward, using the principle of a sperm, to educate their children or at least to achieve some positive results. Read their stories.

How do I wean my son screaming

When my son was seven years old, when all the misunderstandings he raised the cry. I pleaded with him, commanded, demanded, threatening. But to no avail. Then I decided to use the principle of sperm. One day when the son raised a cry, I started screaming too, but not at him, and something of their own. I screamed much louder than it was, for us on a psychological trainings taught it too. It was summer, and the window we had opened, and we lived on the second floor. Son, heard my cry, pounced on me and demanded that I stop crying, because in the courtyard for all to hear. I listened to it. Several times I had to repeat it, and with shouts we had finished.

As I taught their children to read

Sometimes I’m in their presence was reading a book, wishing that they too had read. They asked what I was reading. I told them this book to read early and hid it so that they found it. So I was able to direct the reading of their children. When one of my sons then started Dating a girl whom I had a good relationship, she confessed to me that I had no idea that in our time the boys can be so well-read.

How I taught my son to write correctly

My son is well studied in all subjects, but his grammar was poor. In sixth grade was that he may have annual deuce. The reproaches and threats of the type “Where did you grow hands?”, “What you’ll make?”, “will become a Janitor!”, “Look how learned your parents!” effect is not allowed. It was impossible to make him at least once to check the answers. My wife was summoned to the school. After another “pumping” it’s only got worse.

After psychological training, I decided to use the principle of sperm. Rewrote the text with his mistakes, and even their has more and told him that I can write without any mistakes and is willing to pay him 10 cents (it was in the “congestive” times) for every fault that he’d find me. We made a bet in the presence of his wife and youngest son all the rules of the guys from our yard. I’ve never seen the son has worked with such enthusiasm! The proposal to use school spelling dictionary, he replied with a categorical refusal. He took a big dictionary at 102 thousand words and checked every word, even the prepositions. There were many errors. Once he found the mistake, he immediately said something like, “Dad, I’m surprised they gave you the Abitur at all, so even with the medal?”, “Where did you grow hands?”, “What is handwriting?”, “As you keep on working?!” he Kept important. On his face was disgust-a condescending expression. The wife claimed that it was my copy. Honestly speaking, I did not like. But it was instructive to see ourselves.

I honestly paid off and pounced on the study of the rules of communication. I began to reprint the lyrics. Of course, made mistakes and asked him to fix them. At the same time the son had studied the rules of communication. If I were forced to teach them, do you think I have anything left? Gradually literacy my son began to improve. Three months later the problem was eliminated, and behavior at school became better. When he entered the Institute, a teacher of Russian language we didn’t hire. So the study of psychology has brought tangible benefits.

But the main thing is not money. Relationship with my son has improved and took the nature of cooperation, and the family became calmer. The son became more Frank with me. Agree, this is a great achievement.

But then we bonded even more. Once he asked for pocket money. I suggested that he make them himself, as in the family of free money was not. He agreed, but said that doesn’t know how to find a job. I used the services of a typist and was offered the job to do it with the same conditions of payment: 50 cents one page with three fixed bugs and 70 cents if there are any mistakes. With great difficulty within a month he earned $ 15, bought some toys, which broke the next day. I kept the wife from unnecessary notations. The son was very upset, but not crying, and with a deep sigh said: “wow! How much was injected, and bought some nonsense”. So I was later relieved of mopeds, “firm”, tape recorders. No, something he has, but within the limits of our physical capabilities.

How I taught my daughter to the household

I raised a daughter alone, without a father and tried to make sure she didn’t feel it. Took care of her and did all the housework herself.

But at 13, she went AWOL. Began to abandon the lessons at a music school, demanded the toilets, which were beyond his means uncontrollably like to take the time and do nothing on the farm. The more I forbade her, the more I demanded from her, the more she resisted. To succeed it was getting harder and harder. When I met with the principle of sperm, we decided to act differently.

After another scandal erupted about the reluctance to go to music school, I invited her daughter to the conversation and told her about the following: “Lena, you’re right, I realized that you’re an adult. Today I give you complete freedom. The only request — when you leave for a long time, keep them posted when I get back”.

It had the cleaning of the apartment, she went also for small purchases. Large Laundry we did together. Gradually she improved relationship with friends in the class. She became calmer, more confident in myself. After a year found a job in the cooperative, which made toys. I helped her. Got some money, and decided the issue with her wardrobe. In the summer we bought it earned money a trip to the camp. I noticed that after returning from camp, my daughter sat at the piano. She told me that in the camp she went with a boy from another city. Agreed to correspond and to meet next year, and maybe before. So my daughter came first love. I was pleased that I was the first and seems to be the only one with whom she shared feelings of love. If I had not applied the principle sperm, I hardly could we become daughters friend.

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