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Five years ago Kotlas doctors, watching a television program about the harmful damage caused by computer games health, was indignant: “What kind of a whim. How they can talk to about this so seriously?” Now doctors again in horror. But, unfortunately, for a very different reason: in our small provincial town began to appear children, the sick. computer epilepsy!

Chronicle of events

Oddly enough, the computer epilepsy has been known since the times of Ancient Rome. To identify slaves in Rome turned the Potter’s wheel, which rhythmically reflected the sun’s rays. I unfit for this work arose dizziness and nausea, were observed numbness and impaired consciousness.

1959. Artist and poet Brian Gysin during the bus trip through a shadowy alley began to hallucinate due to the change of light and shadow. A year later he built the “car of dreams” – rotating with a frequency of 78 rpm striped paper cylinder with stavatti bulb inside. Some managed to achieve a shift of consciousness.

1966. The premiere of the film “Flicker” at the new York festival. The Creator warned that epileptics to not watch. The film was 30 minutes. Some hallucinated. The rest is just a headache.

1991. Manufacturers of video games recognize that repeated flashes on the screen can cause epileptic seizures. The company “Nintendo” that created the ill-fated “Pokemon”, warns consumers about the risk. The same cautions gives Sega. However, they refer to those who have a predisposition to seizures is known. The “newcomers” to identify in advance is impossible.

1993. In April, three Englishmen become victims of TV advertising. The roller is removed from the display and from it removed the flashing.

Despite persistent talk in the press and among neurospecialists that there is a link between computer games and cases of epilepsy in children, direct proof of this. Only in recent years after several child deaths from epilepsy during computer games, under strong public pressure, the British scientists are planning to conduct such studies.

The insidiousness of computer

“For the concept “computer (television) epilepsy” hidden children convulsions that appear after prolonged or frequent pastime at the computer, – says Svetlana Glyzina, a neurologist at the children’s clinic. – They can occur at any age, but most often suffer first graders and children 13-15 years old. Over the last two years we were approached by two boys with the same pattern of disease. The whole night they spent in the game room for a computer monitor. And in the morning, after a short sleep, they both have seizures accompanied by loss of consciousness”.

In fact, computer epilepsy is the body’s response to flickering light frames, where in the cortex the excitation of nerve cells. The treatment will be long and severe. Sometimes under medical supervision children spend several years. Today with convulsions on the account has grown to four children.

It all starts with headaches

It should say that cramping is the most extreme form of the disease. But it all begins with the usual headaches. According to statistics, in the first class among all students of a headache complain of 3-5% to a third of their number grows to 20 percent, and the fifth-and sixth – to. 50-60 percent. The doctors noticed a trend: before medical assistance was required pupils of 5-6 classes, now it is often necessary to help the kids, tucurinca not more than six months.

In principle, due to this fact was that simple. Parents thoughtlessly allow their children to spend hours at the computer screen or TV. But in the end you get kids who are so tired, no harm to sit behind a school Desk can in just about three hours.

I will assume that many are not even aware of how dangerous headaches. Often they turn into serious long months of treatment. This is not an exaggeration. Today in the children’s ward of the hospital are three girls that are assigned. intravenous medications. In addition, these pain in childhood and adolescence may develop into serious illnesses, including epilepsy and computer.

Becoming neurotics

Many experts today believe that computer games are depressing not only on the physical health of the child, but on his psyche.

“Up to 12 years children live in a world of fantasy and invented images that have a strong influence on the further course of action, says psychologist-pedagogue Irina Vyatkina. But if earlier they have been brought up on books, now on computer games with elements of the militants. And the perfect character is not already associated with the image of a defender, and a bloodthirsty killer. Guys there is a replacement of values, changing the attitude of the people. Moreover, the computer turns them into a magazine and causes addiction.

What child is changing, I learned by example. Playing computer games, the son starts to behave aggressively, regardless of any comments. But once ceases to be in the “computer world”, here it is once again becoming a normal child.”


It is a mistake to think that children that spend a lot of time at the computer, forgotten parents. On the contrary. Adults are concerned about the leisure of their children: choose them computer games that supply funds for the purchase of various consoles and discs, a visit to the toy library. And then at night and pester computer clubs, because the child does not come overnight. Later, recognizing the error, strictly forbid him to spend time at the computer and even smash purchased by the game. Well, if all will end well. And if not?

Parents whose children suffer computer with epilepsy, often lament, “How could this happen? The eldest son all day close to the computer and nothing, and the younger convulsions. “The fact that those at greatest risk are those born prematurely, suffered birth trauma or intrauterine hypoxia. They are something parents and should be given special attention. In fact, adults often ignore the first signs of the disease, not believing children’s complaints of headache, fatigue and malaise.

Saving walk

Experts believe that the best way to prevent diseases is walking. Every morning about 30 minutes the child should walk on the street. Day stay in the fresh air is increased to 2 – 2.5 hours. Children from 3 to 7 years behind a computer screen can only spend 15 minutes a day, from 7 to 15 years – no more than 40 minutes.

Unfortunately, despite medical advice, today, in many schools, there are dual classes. And only in this case can help the doctors is to give students who are prone to computer epilepsy, certificates authorizing to attend the lesson of Informatics 30 minutes only.

In any case do not want to detract from the dignity of computer games. Among them there is certainly developing. They teach children the subject and to think figuratively, to navigate in the world, summarize the facts and classify them. There are also educational games that can make to empathize, to love, to be more attentive. However, to downplay the danger. That is why it is important to remember that prolonged exposure of your child behind the computer screen dreamlike world can turn him into a living nightmare.

  Five years ago Kotlas doctors, watching a television program about the harmful damage caused by computer games health, was indignant: "What kind of a whim. How they can talk…


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